Fight Club

Gosh, this movie rocks! And btw, the dust brothers (ost) rock too! Todos la pelliculas es famosa! :D

Not a random pic image: tyler-durden-pic

image: fight-club
Because both rock!

Edit: You can watch it a lot, look at yourself, you're always finding something new!
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Hum... Interesting? And? Oh, Ah, I got! My birthday?! Don't worry, I don't want a present!
thought the same
Bah moi j'ai pas compris l'intérêt de sortir ça, tu peux m'expliquer s'il te plaît?
Fallait que tu sois très jeune ou très peu cinéphile pour ne pas avoir vu ce film, ça me paraissait simple d'esprit à comprendre ..
Oui... (Pas con) Mais à vrai dire même si je l'avais vu plus jeune comme tous mes amis je n'aurais pas compris la philosophie qui émane de ce film et ce qui s'en suit..
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yeah fight club was awesome :D
so true! but seeing it too often is getting boring.
Well thats only ur own fault ;<
there is still new stuff to discover even after the 5th time...imo
No it isn't. Exemple: look @ 6:06, you can see Tyler Durden next to the doctor! look at this :)
The movie's philosophy is awesome, tyler roxx!
This journal would have sounded cool 10 years ago.
true, one of the best movies! watched it ~10 times and still discovering new entanglements :>
Good film but its like really old dude.
I just watched it few's days ago...
happy birthday and congratulations for watching a good movie, faggot
Thx buddy!
Cheers + love
image: WTC-tuerme-vor-11-september-2001

hai guis, we were still around when fight club was released
Yeah but you know, when it's a good movie, you don't care about when that movie was released, but you like it everyway.
awesome movie
older than old
book is way better, movie is awesome 2
There's a book? What's it called?

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

kinda obvious.
That movie was very disappointing. Definitely in my top 10 of most overrated movies.
Just listen the narrator, he's right! The violence is less stronger than that! And it's a good idea to think like that, about our society.
overrated movie. it's good, but not THAT good.
Thanks, going to download..
Read the book too, you get more out of it after that.
Yeah just ordered it. The books usually offer a lot more depth.
not books adapted from movies.
old but one of the best movies out there in my opinion
Agree! I love it!
the end just sucks
old and i dont get whats so special about it it, all a bunch of mindfuck
it's old, nice movie but not rlly my style
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