A "new" pc!

CPU: E6600
GPU: Ati Radeon (Low Price, 128 or 256)
Placa de som: 7.1 Asus
Fonte: LC POwer arkangel 800wts
Asus P5n32e-SLI nForce
Cooler: Tuniq Tower 120
Kingston 2 GB Ram (garantia vitalicia)

Price: 320€
What u think(price)? Good deal or not?
why buy old hardware? =/

and no, not good deal
why ask stupid questions? =/
check the flag!
man for almost the same price you can get a system with recent hardware
wow, im stunned
i'm just warning this journal starter about the system he is going to buy, which will be already crap into 6 months... if not even faster =)
because dont have money for something new and good. (car + new netbook + random stuff)

And why not a good deal? much money?
yeah too much tbh, i guess the GPU won't be new either, however a model type would clear some shizzle out

i don't really think this system is new, since the E6600 is already out of production and isn't available anymore

better watch out for some recent hardware (some AMD stuff), which is quite cheap and will even perform better then this system...
Thanks, Can u make a bundle only to "compare"?
Proc: AMD Phenom II X2 550
Motherboard: ASRock A780GXH/128M
RAM: Kingston ValueRAM KVR800D2N5K2/4G (2 X 2gb)
GPU: Sapphire HD 4670 512MB GDDR3
HD: Samsung EcoGreen F2 HD502HI, 500GB
Case: Cooler Master Elite 330 Zwart
PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 350W
DVD writer: Samsung SH-S223F

Total of 390 euro (sending costs included for me)
Thanks, i like it! ;)
If you got money to spare, why not. Don´t listen to these poor bastards.
if you fuck with +15cm why not?
I have similar setup and it doesn't run Wolf that amazingly well.
If dont run Wolf well, i cant play alot of games well. :s
you could get a better setup for this moneyZ but if you can get this fast/easily, to it. But it will be crap in 4months (Wolf, some other new games like cod4:wmf4 wont run smooth on this)
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