Wasyl's injury

Anyone remember journal including this gif?

image: 33e1wfd

Some news in that case:

- image: 1251686110183

-Axel Witsel has been banned to the end of the year for this tackle.To compare: Taylor was banned for 3 games for tackle on Eduardo.
great job for bannin Witsel :thumb:

btw does Wasyl have any chance to recover?
yeah he has but specialists say he will never get on the level he was now
Everybody will say that he will, but trust me, he won't.

and btw he already got banned for 4 matches @ team Belgium for some other red card so correct punishment imo
The ban isn't conclusive yet so i expect some reduced bantime though he deserves a loooong ban!
Yeah, final decision will be around 17:00. Even Standard's main sponsor is looking forward for some serious punishment for him :D
final decission: 23/11/2009 (10 league games + 1 cup game)
Tssss, isn't enough.
from the gif it didnt look like purpose to me, rather going for the ball he played - meaning: I didn't see something obviously where he went for the injury compared to what i have seen elsewhere
Ye, but just the way he moved his foot up to do what??? blocking/controlling/dowhat with the ball? It's hard to decide if you don't know what's in the mind of a player ofcourse but normally you never approach a ball like that :)
Like we hadn't got enough problems with the national team already...
to me it doesnt look like that was on purpose, it seems like he wanted to stop the ball when he saw the guy going for a tackle

doesnt the guy sliding realize there is a chance someone might step on him, or is he just expecting that the guy will automatically dive like a pussy?
Tackling with the sole is illegal in football, because of just such accidents that tend to happen as we can see.
stop the ball by going with his foot over the ball? :-)

After the game, a teammate said Witsel wanted 'revenge' from a tackle 2/3 years ago! Very smart to say such things ofcourse!
what do i know? i dont follow this boring sport. im just surprised about everyone acting so dramatic when something like this happens. i thought there would be more injuries like that in a sport where guys are diving at each other feet.
Ye, i can understand. Well to place this in its context:

- Game Anderlecht - Standard (nr 2 vs nr 1 last competition after testmatches the week after the regular season)
- Witsel = chosen best player last season (golden shoe award or how is it called)
- Wasyl = Poland that made many some heavy faults last few games and last season

So in Belgium this is big news :D
club brugge ftw :D

but idd it was scary to see his leg, but my opinion is that witsel didn't really do it on purpose
üüaah disgusting gif :-!
oh shit O.O
cisse had the same :x
You clearly don't have any clue :x
"going for the ball" haha, watch it again and tell me how he goes for the ball on that one??!
well he runs after the ball, wasyl chooses for a tackle, witsel sees he won't be able to get this in time so he goes for the duel and hits wasyl, but he didn't know what would be the impact of this 'in his eyes, little fault' which after all seems a very big fault. I don't think witsel ever meant to hurt wasyl that much, he might wanted to make a small mistake but don't tell me he wanted to break his legg.
Quotedon't tell me he wanted to break his legg.

No, at least don't hope so...
But saying he just wanted to play ball? Well i would consider a different way of approaching this situation then :)
I recommend you watching this demo a second time and following the ball and witsel's foot only, he goes for the ball but just before he wants to hit the ball, wasyl shoots it away
How the fuck do you go for the ball with your sole? If he really wanted to go for the ball, he wouldn't have lifted his foot to plant it on Wasyl's leg afterwards.

No, he went for the dirty tackle. This happens quite often but it was bad luck for Wasyl that he had to be the victim. In one way this is good, because I hope the KBVB will punish these mistakes harder from now on, knowing that this can happen with those filthy tackles.
how would you have gone for the ball then? just run behind it, knowing you might get tackled and go down again by this dirty player called 'wasyl'?
he went for the duel and he knew that if he couldn't get the ball then he would stand on wasyl's feet, which never would have give that hard injury like standing on his leg.
this wasn't just meant to be 'a dirty tackle'.
what was your response?
haha i love dutch!
I said: freaks haha! The only thing that's getting it hard are the stewards and the fences. And the referee and the supporters who are leaving in bussen :p and police say we carried rocks. You should see the road there... :p
Yes, what POEPj said...

While Anderlecht & Standard are buchering eachother the BUFFALO's are reaping the fruits!
wtf, only 10 matches? i wouldve expected a freaking jail time for this shit, then a huge money claim on him and ban him from soccer forever, this is a terroristic attack, nowhere you see this fucking nigger going for the ball, ban him + send back to zimbabwe
He's born and raised in Belgium, so the "nigger" & "send him back to Zimbabwe" are inappropiate.
It depends on the point of view - the only word which doesn't fit at all is the word 'back' :)
I wanted him to be banned from football till Wasyl is recovered!
Which will be like NEVER :/
you can't be serious? He will recover? Such an injory will never recover completely.
would you care? do you really like to see players like this playing on a footballfield? if you ever saw a match from him, you would see he's more like a fcking rugbyplayer
I know Wasyl's football-play and me myself as a footballer, would rather not play against such a player. But the fact is not that it is Wasyl who got the injury, the fact is that Witsel made a dirty fault. He should be punished.

For all the players who defend Witsel's action by saying he is a dirty player, you should that this means that you can break everyone's leg who has ever made a fault before. That shouldn't be the case in football.
I never said that you could break everyone who made a dirty mistake before his leg,
I just don't get how you all can be so blind and only think about wasyl, yes ofc he's the victim about a very sad tackle from witsel but witsel didn't do this with the thought 'ye ok there he is, the dirty player, let's break his fcking leg'...
witsel just went in duel and stood on his leg, very unlucky but he never meant to do this. Just think for 1 sec how witsel feels himself, everyone's calling him a murderer without having a fcking clue...
Hellooooo :/, i'm not even close to calling witsel a murderer, or even a dirty player. I just think, a tackle like that, consciously or not, should be punished, and hard. That's not acceptable.

& btw.. you really think that tackle was totally not ment that way? I mean.. I know he didn't want to break Wasyl's leg, but it wasn't like he 'accidentaly' touched him. :)
it was front page on almost every Belgian newspaper ^^

"Kick of death"

ps : witsel is a dick, too much ego, also ditched his girlfriend for some miss
Pepe only got banned for 10 matches and did something 10 times worse.
kill this faggot..
needs more gifs like that
retard :) coming from a Genk fan but you shouldnt wish that to anyone
well I don't say I wish him to be injured like that, I just say if he wouldn't play like that he probably never would have been injured like that either... he found himself in trouble by playing that agressive way
I don't get why you all are flaming witsel like he's some kind of murderer, like he would ever have the intention to end wasyl's career this way...
he just went for a fcking duel which ended in a bad way...and it's not like you can stop that easy, if you see how fast witsel was running you can't decide that moment to just stop and leave the duel... that's just impossible...
at least one journal where with a polish subject where cf ppl don't flame about his polish nationality, gz! Get well Wasyl!
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