Federer =O

Just watch this, awesome shot...
saw that live lol ! sick
you were unhit
correction: hackerlover*
yes rly nice \o
sick shit :D
rofl, too good
A shot like this during the semi-finals of a grand slam. Just amazing.
nadal got beaten by del potro and how, thats even better
if i was him, i think a less subtle celebration would of made him a whole lot cooler.
It would be cooler, but I can imagine the excilirating experience of hitting that shot right on that moment in a semi final of a grand slam makes you scream like a little schoolgirl of joy.
he didnt even celebrate it that much for what he did. mr nadal would have start jumping around shouting "vamos!"
Like you have never cheered when you scored a goal in football or whatever sport...
If it's not anymore allowed to cheer when playing sports then you really are a sad man...
And it's not like Federer is arrogant because he's not.
im not even going to give you a proper reply to that because you dont understand what im saying
or maybe your first comment was just full of crap
nope im definatly going with your reply was retarded
I understand it's hard to back-up your first comment when it's full of crap. The only thing you could do is crap even more in the replies and hope the person doesn't reply.
Don't worry, I forgive you.
ok then lets go for this,

you said, "like you never cheered when you scored a goal", ok i said "a less subtle celebration" so therefore your comment makes no sense because i never said he shouldnt of celebrated, therefore making the second line have nothing to do with my comment also, fair enough it could make him look arrogant, but at the same time IMO it would of made him look cooler and in my eyes it wouldnt make him look arrogant to me because hes a top class player that made a top class shot

saw it in live, incredible shot really
more action at serena williams vs clijsters imo! :D
almost a matchshot :DD
wtf.. crazy
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