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Rage journal, GO !

Why are they allowed to play EC qualifiers ? Why CB admins aren't banning them ? I know it's been two season, but seriously, how can you accept guys like them who cheated that way and were clearly not an example of fair play during the matches ?

Don't your remember what Kevin said ? He said he didn't care about the game, that no one of the 6th busted did. So why are you back ? You can't live without playing E.T ?

Am I the only to think they should not play ? When gnajda posted a recruitment thread, every one was flaming him. What about those belgian ego boys ? Don't forget the past so easily...
You are not the only one, i agree with you.
smoke a joint and chill out?

e: but you're right :D
They were banned and served their punishment... end off.
Otherwise they had to give tougher sanctions but they didn't so don't whine.

[/delete journal]
What punishment?
being banned for 6 months or how long it was
Agree and ... They still think they are the best in Belgium :'DD
they are retard, don't say me worm or spiroze or sil could roll them
You ? I don't know you but I can roll them :x
Well I didnt see a lot of other belgians who finished 3rd or higher @ cdc ??
Are you sure ? :)
guess YYT got 3rd too? and maus ofc ^^ but still, they achieved something quite high without hax
YYT isn't THAT good, they where 5th?
I totally agree with you, the last spring season koto, IuR etc want to play (have passed 2 years since they were busted) and killerboy and donex dont allow them to play and now they allow that scum? pls

ps- sorry for my english
didnt koto cheat in nationscup?

i dont think thats 2 years ago...
was in 2007 :) time passes fast, isnt it?
hypnoosiin sä vaivut hypnoooooosiiiiiiiiin
rageux lolol
chillout squad politsei käes on load
the belgians have served their ban, gnajda hasnt.

I dont think they will cheat again after serving their bans.
Unless they start losing from Polandcheaters, then they will just make a point to the community that anyone can cheat and that it is the lowest thing to do.
you are right
serving their bans, hate that line, they cheated and admitted, should be banned for life, stupid rule
Then the people involved should have punished them harder and banned them for life. They didn't do it so they can play now.
I know, im just saying what I think about it, thats all
there arent any qualifiers lists yet
no idea if they get in there - yes they are skilled and stuff, but their past could effect on that.
They should gtfo.

Letting them play and get back in the community and meanwhile complaining about 'the retarded et community that is messed up thanks to cheaters and wrong attitudes' is so hypocritical and stupid.
they cheated and they all yelled "ET sucks so hard,we shit on on it".. Eventough some of them are cool,the rest is egotard.
playing with the rest of the egotards, makes them retarded aswell
6 more ex cheaters in ET, shocking
Best solution that Cb can do:
Rules are rules so i'd allow them to play BUT considering that they arent the same players - I mean they were players+cheat - they should start build their career again in OC8 group ... Have Fun there!
kinda agree...maybe not 8th league... but not fucking eurocup :X
perfo,meez,etc cheated. lets ban them!
But those 3 players have a combined IQ higher than Magikarp
image: magikarp
The 6 Belgians don't! J/K don't know em, sure they are nice characters ect.
They cheated in EuroCup - others cheated on public. =)
ET is dead, thats all
Why shouldn't CB ban perfo,bro,meez,mAus,rahul,ensam,sample,mind,TaZ etc for life aswell?
Those cheated on public. Those beltards in EuroCup. =)
i there a difference?
I obviously think so, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it, would I?
lol, vs who though, i can't remember if it was a CB match, i remember i forced anti3 for the final match and only zeto(?) was cheating at warmup, then he reconnected without the bot lol
whats the point of temporary bans then???
i'm trying to get into your thinking pattern:

- They are unbanned -> can play cups again -> but HEY THEY CHEATED so lets ban them from the cups
you, sir, is a retard,sir.
if they would do this with everyone, ET wouldn't even have an OC/EC retard:D
you, sir,is are a retard,sir.

Sorry , couldn't resist it :*$
:DD you really fail, like I don't know it's 'are' instead of 'is', mongol-.-
that's the point idiot.
*cough* excuses *cough*
They cheated in EuroCup - others cheated on public. =)
yes I know but then they had to ban them longer, it would be bs to give them a 6months ban and then refuse them to play in any cup...
its kinda a big difference
Of course it's bullshit. The scene is so small though that banning such a clan would be even worse I guess. =)
Wolf scene is 10 times smaller
Quake I scene, too. Your point being? =)
this is a game and its limited to only a few (and all the same) players and teams...
be happy at least some1 still wants to play it.
i like how snoOp is in 2 diffrent teams :-D
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