Map: "Best Map ET ever had"

doesn't need a name yet, stole the idea from NetherlandsPmBb

image: 14e290o

image: 35ib2ti

Hexagon things = same shit like in radar

green spray = Hills (with grass)
blue = dynamite gate
that purple-grey colour thing in axis spawn = Windows

Truck Before destructing:
image: 292wda8

Truck After destructing:
image: xnufc6

Allies have to repair the truck and escort it a bit to destruct that green gate thing (or main gate, if mapscript can disallow planting at main gate until constructing and escorting the truck)
Plant main / construct CP
Steal objectives and secure them in the truck

Ignore the "axis" word in the middle of stage 2, copy pasted by mistake
just radar with a different 1st stage ?
mixture of goldrush/reactor 1st stage and radar 2nd stage.

obviously i dont want the 2nd stage to be the exact copy as radar... but the objective behind it.
nice wheels @ truck
radar + goldrush = this
nice mapcopy
might work
looks good. but i suck on range, how large is it?
map is not to scale.

but 2nd stage is as big as radar 2nd stage or a fraction smaller (to fit 5on5)
to me it looks like supply, but that's just good
best map !!

image: et-map-radar

image: shot00019
yup the radar conversion to quakewars is awesome :)
not sure if want
supply is!
first stage looks nice
downloading pics prolly!
looks nice, but allies should get axis spt1 after ending the first stage, so they have several options to attack (vary strategies) and can't get spawnraped so easily. additionally u should rethink the position of axis spt4. appears to be too close to the truck and makes it too easy for the axis to set up a crossfire (the latter might be prevented by clever positioning of the hills)....imo
again: nice work.
ye forgot to add that allies will get axis pt1 as soon as they get the first stage :)
first stage looks like a pistol :O :DDDDDDDDDDDD
cute truck
I like the idea
Yo man, I'm really happy for your, and Imma let you finish. But supply was one of the greatest ET maps ever!
are we signed up to the competition with this map? :p
Only once you pm it to me with full description and legenda.
nice paint skills ;D
someone broke tha truck! yo
snow theme plz ^^
nice work
rly good
is this just a concept or does a kind of map exist already?

i dont know, but it looks really hard for allies to get the obj as axis spawns right at the obj and can intercept the obj easily with spawning at pt4

the first obj looks quiet like heavy spam all the way ^^

im sry, i cant tell you any suggestions from such a drawing :/
would need to play it that way first
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