Speedy Bozar's MG

hi, im tired to death, working all night, but i think that some people might appreciate me posting some random free for all quakelive with mg only... u can see my lags, i was playing with 40 fps (virused pc, a lot of action in the game)


and dont flame me that i did not make avi, it obviously does not worth it -> this is a bad demo, coz if i put something where i own, u would call me a cheater as always... if u like it, i can post some of my good demos or make some...

PS: i hate mcdonalds, its pure shit... and this time by saying pure i mean it
PPS: i work at a financial institution as a manager senior
sad faker
ye doe dats y i sayd it cuz i wuz all likeee man dats bs
omg you posted
Quotehighskilled in every game ever played... used to be the best world player in command and conquer, trackmania nations and in my opinion sometimes in ET :)

u dont care about my real life achievements, so its pointless to wrire it here...

just die
i added new stuff in there ;) for people like u (polish totally noname lowbobs) ;P
best in c&c ? wich one may I ask? I have played those games from the beginning and i have never heard of ur ass @ c&c scene :) fail? idd
its not worth it discussing with a mentally disabled...
actually this guy is rly funny person to fuck with <3 :D
cnc3 tiberium wars, u can check at utube i was n1 in the world at official ladder, tho i cant say i was obviously the best, wehn i was playing vs apollo, it was balanced like 60 units 60 units 15 towers, 16 towers... i remember i was often playing vs yama, apollo, leownzall, deckall, bbq, grey.unit and a lot of others, but mainly that fucking prick xeon who i basically tought to play and he was 2nd at WCG, he did not even find me to say thx
tiberium wars isnt whole c&c... u should change that shit from ur profilecrap :) and plz if ur so fucking successful in life, wtf are u doing @ cf and trying to proof everyone how fucking god you are in every shit u do? :D i would like to see that kind of "mastermind" @ irl : D
what was your nick?
Speedy Bozar ofc
you should play vs xvirusx (his crossfire name), he's n.1 in cnc3 atm.
wy should i? i was n1 like 2 years ago
post some et demos always funny to play with u :D
no, people would call me a hacker... even now i can feel the hate when i shoot every single headshot... pure black bloody hate...
hahah rename urself to some black guy :D
I've played with you twice and it doesn't look like you hack. Just a good player.
took a look at your profile.
impressive i must say.
but if you are such a philosopher and a successful dude, then why the hell do you always whine like a fuckin 10 year old kid when you get raped/fail at ET?
and if you have really done the things mentioned there, then why are you searching approval of your gamingshit on crossfire, that's just pitiful and makes you look like a 15 year old emokid.

and yes, you got me confused, but only cause i'm wondering how can someone act like you do online and be as successful as you claim to be irl. that's probably cause you are a big fat lier!

edit: i know you will prolly say that you haven't played with me and stuff, but i have played with and against you alot of times during the last 3 years, you just don't know who i am!
I pwn ya butt
1) do u know i know who ur?
2) i would not usually answer u, coz of your insults, but for others...
3) it has so many reasons wy im sometimes so pissed off... the main things r that this game is full of hackers and i deeply hate them and the second even more annoying thing is that brainless jealous loser r all around here and call me a cheater anywhere im, it would not be the worst, the worst is that it blocks me in playing and takes out my freedom and that makes me furious... "live and let live"

if u looked carefully i always justify my behaviour - "u hack, i can do w/e i want to" or "i dont trust u, coz ur random polish and i have bad experience with this kind, thats wy we will play my map first or u will leave" or "ur pathetic piece of scum without any trace of thinking ability when u call me a cheater just because im better than u, therefore i can do w/e i want to u" or "ur hackerloving disgusting flaming kid, therefore i can do w/e i want to" or (and this is a bad example, im not perfect) "this game is fucked up, i give a shit on what u say"

every coin has two sides, the other side wy i get so pissed off sometimes, mainly on vent is that 1) im extremely oversensitive 2) i like to feel alive 3) at 3v3 im bored so i speak more 4) i often get angry on purpose to make me warmed when i wanna beat my enemies "related to the succesful life" -> 5) its a bit in me and i like to be myself, coz at work i have to be serious conservative dick who does not make mistakes and is always right and its often killing me inside, but i have to do it if i wanna continue my way few years later

PS: i dont care, im just scared to get back to my work and like this i have an excuse for my brain wy i dont work
has it ever come across your mind you are taking gaming/et way toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo seriously?
i predict a school shooting in the making ... or a Mcdonalds one
its sad to see that altho you got the brain power you didnt learn anything special work & earn money with something you really love.

its sad to see such talent wasted.
i always wanted to be a book writer or a progamer, but i have been writing my only book for years and it will take me few more decades so i guess its not really a good source of money... ye and im not korean
the ppl that i know that write for a living have a constant cashflow, get paid 20000€ in advance for a book, etc...

maybe you are just not good enough?
well, hard to say... i write philosophy, its not like lord of the rings and this stuff... i know some people who would help me to publish my book, but its pointless when i have none and i would not get paid just for writing it :)
publish stuff in newspapers/magazines or online , and someone may be willing to pay in advance for a book.

it really makes no difference if its philosophy or fiction

(one time i read something you wrote and i got the impression you might be a vegan, is it true? and then on the other hand you might me be working at McD? is this true? )
im working at a financial insititution... and yes, im a vegan :))
same here with the last part u wrote :(
Borderline Schizophrenic at his best
so, u got unbanned finally?
pathetic basement geek D:
speedy bozar will have been shredded by doktor dre's shrapnel by the end of the week
Arent you a manager at mc donalds ? :0
true that he whines alot on vent when he got killed.
true that he sometimes looses vs some of u,
but why the hell then even if u own him u keep crying in game with some usual stuff like: omg how u knew, oh fo man with your wh/bot. get some skill blablablabla and egoquit after 1st round of B4 after fulldef calling him a hacker while here saying u own him.
who needs more proof than "1st round of B4"

thats enough for me to know he cheats.
(@Lazio) - "rat you would tell me if you were cheating right?, i dunno whenever im in limbo i see wtf actions from you"
O-M-G u talked to the president and u confused him with your awesome words.

or u are a random clown, so u went there and u did some magic cards trick
i can do card tricks aswell :)
what A fuckin moron :"XD
Speedy fuckin' Bozar.

the journals about you were funny at first, but now when you're actually making these by yourself, it's just nothing more than pure attentionwhoring.

It's still kind of a merite that you never achieved anything on any game you played, but still many people know who you are. Gongrats
people call me a hacker so i recorded myself playing another game online and obviously not using any program and still aiming very nice (not the best or u would brainlessly call me a hacker anyway)

do u see anything wrong in trying to clean my name? its just automatical mechanism to reply negatively to everything i say
Your aiming style can be considered an automatical mechanism also :)
Lowskilled cheater got rolled yesterday.
but i totally owned u and u were furiously flaming me and calling me a cheater... btw get a guid :)
Quotebtw get a guid :)

=DDD You just fail @ yawning, thats all

Quotewere furiously flaming me and calling me a cheater
Furiously flaming? wow? You call that what i said flame? please emokid.
jinosta rifleman and me pwned u so eaaaaasy yesterday, and u even said before that uve destroyed me in every 3on3 yea? lowskilled prick
Bozar usually plays with cheats on with 2 lowskilled mercs/fanboys so he doesn't stand out so much with his cheats, but propably makes the most damage on Braundorf.
yes, i had 2k more dmg than u and i owned u in every single fight... rifleman said u were playing like shit, probably without hax (for one time)

i saved some demo where u were obviously hacking and i still owned u... who wants me to upload? :)
:D ... i played 100 times better than rifleman, on b4 i sucked yes but on grush i pwned u and u didnt own me in every single fight... ure just a fkin wannabe...

BTW upload that demo, i wanna see it too :>
i can also upload the yesterday demo, but i was playing like shit... still 3 times better than u tho
:D then upload it u fag :> ... i had 1 kill on b4 in the 2nd round yea great, thu we pwned u and on grush i pwned u fkin geek mostly, ... and btw stats doesnt matter u fish... i won offis with 50dmg on ice and so on, so just get the fact of teamplay u dumbfuck... u only go for kills and dmg and thats just poor
bozar , face it dude , ur " carrier " is done , dude YOUR really famous !!! but as a retarded weird kid .. not as a good skilled nice person .. face it lol
and in ur rl , I am sure you have archieved nothing because if you had you won't try to proof your self in the game world xD your so sad , like testingg said , you argue with 12 , 13 year old kids , you try to explain to them how " pro " you are , and even BEG them to play with because u got no friends

I think it's time speedy, it's time to hang ur self and say goodbye.
Another thing is that you are so High in ET but you never won something.. You was not even third somewhere.. That must be horrible to go over for a person full of talent like you !
The only map this kid knows to play is b4.
download limit exceeded
the new link is below
corporate leader and still not enough money for gas to make one LAN trip to prove ur ass x) shit happens meight :D
1) learn english and read what i said
2) even if i did not have the money, it was at the times i was not working and my family was poor... i dont hide it
ok and my carelevel just exploded x) every second ur fancy profile story becomes more and more full of crap : ( shit hits the fan m8..
People should really stop replying on journals about Bozar ( Yes, I've done that mistake too ).

The only thing Bozar is still hanging on this site is because of attention.
The guy likes to talk about himself and especially see people talking about him.

Bozar is a true egomaniac who has unerstood that there is no such thing as negative fame.
kinda true... at least i have a good piece for my psychological studies
Tää on kyl taitava huomiohuora... Ei maha mitään... Tekee journalin jostai vitun turhasta mut sit profiili on täynnä jotai aivan ihme skeibaa johon kaikki tarttuu
Such a successful businessman on crossfire, I feel honoured.

Of course I believe everything you've written here, why wouldnt I?!
im not that succesful atm, it does not go as well as it went at my previous business... probably crisis?
interesting that nobody speaks about my quakelive demo, coz its not interesting for their selfish purposes... they would have to admit im clean and hide in a corner :)

http://rapidshare.com/files/286436092/FFA-sad_faker-qzdm17-2009_09_29-03_04_52.dm_73.html - reuploaded
you were playing ET @ 23.30, don't think you could be that tired from work :-p

oh yeah and QL is swarmed with cheats lately, though I know you prolly don't but just wanted to mention since you seem to think it's a good anticheat or smth. :-p
true true true :")
can you upload your telekines clips to youtube?
i would like to see that too!
hmm, i should have recorded it when i was able to do that... but dont be crazy, it was not anything awesome, i did not make the paper fly or anything, just move it a bit as i wanted to... i will try to practise again
I can make paper fly :)
just remember that when you see the double mirror you are almost there, and stop asap when you get a nosebleed.
Quotevirused pc

be sure i wont download now
ok im impressed mate. very.
Just read your profile...LOL, are you for real? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Quotefew nice things
1) i lead people who were employing parents of my old classmates
2) people who were older than me at school just finished the university and now they r applying for a job in my team
3) famous professor of philosophy at university said: ur a genius, start to write
4) one student at the university said: its my honour that i came to this school and met a genius philosopher like u
5) when i was talking to the president of the czech republic - vaclav klaus, i made him confused and look like an idiot...
6) yes, i rly robbed a gas station, was stopped by police 1 km after that and made those cops so confused that they let me go without personal license, driving license or anything about my car (they stole my wallet when i should have gone to WCG and could not get over the boarder and had no money for gas)
7) yes i was playing football in a village where they never seen anyone with such football skills and stared at me like i was god
8) yes, i went to a school in another city, pretended i was a journalist doing a research, got invited to school president office and made him so confused that he gave me a permission to all lessons and all classes i wanted to go
9) yes, when i was 17/18 i was practising telekinesis a lot, i became able to move little papers by my mind... i have an et player rednoss, who is a witness and ofc a lot of my friends, brother and dad :)

Nice read, but are you completely sure you're in perfect touch with reality?
a 9 yo kid's wishlist :)
ofc not, but considering i realise that, i understand reality much more than people like u :)
What the fuck are you trying to prove ? :D
hi mate, we are very mutual, i am too the best in world @ any games i play, i just bought nhl10 and i am the best player on that game, i can also move stuff and teleport to another country. at kid i was as strong as hercules, i lifted buildings over my shoulder and ate a plane, we should hang out sometimes and share our feelings.

XXX mate denso.

XXXX you are truly gods gift, altho i don't believe in god so guess what that makes you? nerd.
The funny is that you havent commented the fact you are working at MC Donald :D

And also the fact you never won something..

Come on !!! comment mr. awsome
Sherlock XD
rofl, this is called advanced obsession :DD when u look properly, u can see its my kind of language at all, but still its not my account and i did not write it myself, i just told my friend what to say like i told ESL-Foamea what u write in my cless topic and let him change there what he wants to change... as well as my friend Jirka added info he wanted to add
So mr.ignore_the_truth

Is it true you are a manager at MC Donald ? >)
cool story..
so u wrote that bit about ur self in 3rd person and gave it to ur friend to use, makes as much sense as ur english

face it ur nothing amazing in ET or in any other FPS game
everyone knows ur just a kid with wild imagination
what is a difference between imagining things which r true and knowing the truth?

i will help u - u cant know the truth so the question is idiotic, u always imagine everything, no matter if its true or not

and yes, i was talking about myself at third person... i often do that ;)

i even have binds of me talking about myself, as i said - im a good psychological piece for my studies ;) much better than u, coz u dont realise who ur
I still wrote it correctly. :D
hahaha xD :D
but stop to spec some sweden cheater mates ;x
u stupid lowskills..
so, next time join instead one of your cheater mate.
what are u talking about? u played vs me, slajdan and alexL.
and who were you?
looks stats and tell me wich "..." you were, ;)
and you said "u stupid lowskills.. "?
The irony
http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/supply.jpg - xp doesnt say alot ye - couldnt find demo so i couldnt print dmg, still i was pretty much raging u noname noobs.
u should search medskilled or something in the future
hi2u mister 6337 dg.

ps: noob like you, without your cheater mate, are worst.
ask him to upload his demos and after speak about smth during a CLEAN war, not with a mongol, ok thanks, gn8 :)
nice stats, btw its slajdan that only got 6337dg and i got 2 nicks on that page wtf? and 1 nick doesnt show how much dmg it has..more bug.. alltogether i had abit more than slajdan (yellow smiley). only thing for sure is that my frags were like 43-16.
and still, is this the first time u play this game? try to win as a team instead of going for stats..
its not like alexl won the game by his own.. welcome to et m8
1st, "couldnt find demo so i couldnt print dmg" so i did it,
"try to win as a team instead of going for stats.." next time dont forget what did you say.

2nd, in the stats, nick "..." are bugged, i saw the "..." in blue ( ^2 ) and you got 6337dg, see it on your demos ;)

3rd, "its not like alexl won the game by his own" NO NO NO JUST 3 HS ONLY AND CHEAT BUT YOU DON'T HAVE ANY ADVANTAGE !

is this the first time u are using "The irony" ? :)
cant understand u think alexL cheats, he has been good for many years and i have known him for a very very long time. he was good when u didnt even know what et was u newschool random. cocky newschoolers whining about cheats is really fucked up
give demos of your mates, you didnt see him? he / they was rly rly obvious..
tell to your 2 mates to upload theirs demos & watch it too, thanks.
i seriously think this guy needs help
So basically it didn't work out at school for you so you decided to drop out or they kicked you. After that you searched for a job and got it at McDonald's, after a short while of working there the old employees decide to quit and they are desperate enough to promote you because you are the oldest worker. Now you are in charge of that particular restaurant and "hiring" your older co-students for summer and such.. It ain't that fancy story if told this way. AND some of your classmates parents might have worked there.
ps. Can you bend spoons as well?
pps. Any heard about sarcasm and how it might turn the word genius to mean the opposite? As a president It would leave me confused as well if I hear stories like those from you :P
at mcdonalds? ru fucking kdiding me? ur either a pure retard or u just want to piss me off... u will be sry for relating me to that crap... then i can actually read what else u said
And the company name you are working for ? :)
Oh but I am a huge fan of philosophy and Hercule Poirot myself, made a GREAT attempt to try to guess where you are working on and solving the crime you have only hinted by clues. :))
Mác Dónáldšíá
bozar trollin' xfire part 531123
best way getting respect and no flames is just be quiet. dont care so much what other say about u, coz if u a not cheating, they will have no proofs to catch u. i can feel, u just want to have more attention.
lol u idiot, i was already banned for 3 years here at crossfire without any proof... and every single game i play people call me a cheater and u say i should be quiet
i didnt know u was banned here so long. on ur place i would just change a nickname and register as new member.
are u #1?
u are not #1 man... i challenge u and i am waiting for respond.. 1v1 or sth on ETTV ofc hehe prepare urself
its good that you are a MANAGER SENIOR in a INTERNETIONAL company
ur much better in et :D
will anybody ever speak about the demo? :)

i expect apologies from all the losers who ever called me a cheater... around 98 percent of players i played against
fuck you cheater.
lol, stop saying that u brainless cripple or someone will start to believe u
So you posted a replay with horrible aiming to convince everyone that you are clean?
no, it was a first step... quite normal aiming so people wont call me a cheater here... next i can send u some 45 acc, then 50 acc and then 55 acc if u want to
what for? accuracies mean shit anyway
ofc it does, but the point is i permanently shoot in every difficult situation, i dont stop shooting before switching to the other enemy and i dont play for acc and that makes it high+ :)
Well, not to defend him or anything, but the cnc3 part is true, he was one of the best players.

leownzall is the best french player, he wouldn't post replays of him vs a guy unless he is top 100.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tk1Sf8FY7U top100? ur kidding me

PS: the score between us was like 9/1 for me so he posted the one time he beat me... tho it was not that good game, i remember it a bit... but tbh i think scrin was a bit stronger, coz i always owned nods easily and had problems in scrin vs scrin

PPS: me beating the WCG winner posted by one czech guy who wanted to see the replay... i would not post it myself, it was at the beginning when i was just like top100 and had a lucky game - http://www.gamereplays.org/commandandconquer3/replays.php?game=22&tab=popular&show=details&id=6160 - i have beaten him later in more interesting games... once even 4 times in a row at my favourite map :) he was angry and wanted to play over and over

me beating your french guy in an interesting game - http://www.gamereplays.org/commandandconquer3/replays.php?game=22&tab=popular&show=details&id=8376

wy do i remember that? i dunno, im practising to forget and i think it works... i dunno almost any et player :)
I lost to him at a lan, got 150 euros, he got a laptop :(
nice anyway, grats... but answer me one friendly question... wy r there so many brainless et players who call me a hacker?
no idea, I never saw you playing.
aahhh you should see him play. I can promise you, you will have the time of your live. I promise
Speedy Bozar istn a cheater just some idiots think all where are better then others are "cheater" say sry to bozar hes a rly good m8 good friend and good player
speedy <333
i hope speedy can start again through et and can own ( i hope no1 says he is a cheater again :( ]
speedy add me as buddy :D
i am the same oppinion as u i feel with u :(
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