Back from Oktoberfest!

Im back from the Oktoberfest I had a great but strange time! The first night we took it easy just had a few beers and an early night. Last night we went crazy and drank so much! When closing time came we strolled around the streets looking for a bar or cub to go to. Somehow we managed to get into a conversation with a Swiss man who was into fetish photography! (random i know) Basiclly he invited us to a private party so we appected as we all wanted more beer!

So we got some beers and were standing at the back of these flats in a grass area having a good sing along and making a bit of noise. When suddenly we hear a splash and a plastic bag filled with what we thought was water was hurled at us from a window above. Narrowly missing us all, so we started shouting up at the windows because we were pretty pissed off when out of nowhere splash and we are covered in what I can only describe as piss!! Yes thats right someone had thrown a bucket of urine over us from high above. So that ended our night abruptly, we went back to the hostel and got showered before going to bed.

Now im sitting in Central London in an internet cafe because easyjet delayed my flight so I missed the last train home. I have no other means of getting home as I live quite far from London so im sitting here waiting until 06:10am for the first train. Oh and to make things worse a pigeon decided to shit on my head whilst I was waiting for a bus.

Oktoberfest was a great experince and I will be going back next year, even though I had piss thrown over me! At the time you could say I was pretty pissed off, but now I can have a laugh about it! I would recommend going to Oktobefest but if you do take plent of money becuse with tips the beer in the beer tents were about 10 euros each.

Now I have no idea what to do I still have so much time to kill!

Shoutouts to everyone in Business District and Kapoks!

Much kipper rippings?
my grandma
will die soon, i see
1l beer for 10 euro aint that expensive!
Its less than two pints in the UK, and in the UK a pint cost around £2.50-£3
germany :D <3
Haha, what the hell. :D
pissed kipster :O!
QuoteOh and to make things worse a pigeon decided to shit on my head whilst I was waiting for a bus

you made my fucking day man :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Poor ya ! :D

anyway, situations like that are always funnier after they have happened.
At the same moment they really do piss you off :D !
Piss head :DDDDDDDDddddd
Welcome back schatz!
serious business:P
QuoteI was pretty pissed on

there you go
yeah oktoberfest was amazing ive been the last 2 weekends and i have had a blast....i love the party bike....maybe you guys saw me i had the munich hat and superdrinker shirt on...we wound up riding on the back of an ambulance and the police grabbed us off.....the paulener beer tent was the best
haha :D
btw Wasen > Wiesen
lol,typical ollie!
lol kip XD

piss and shit seems to follow you around

omg , epic read <3

And after this u have a Pickelschwanz.
been there yesterday...
great story, though =)
u must have been rly pissed
sounds like a shit fest
awesome , kip :D
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