swedish RTCW and SM-Ligan

A short post about the swedish ET/RTCW scene:

The swedish ET/RTCW scene have had it´s glorydays. Today it is minimalistic and shredded down into fragments of what it used to be. One thing is for sure, the Swedish scene will never become what it once was.

Still with all this in mind I miss the days of swedish RTCW and SM-Ligan. With this in thought I decided to build an easy site that is easy to maintain with simple newspostings as back in the sweRTCW days and hopefully with enough support to relaunch SM-Ligan once more.

I hope this simple post is enough to start to lure back some familiar (and new) swedish wolves that still hides out there playing god knows what game today. Reinstall your ET, signup at RTCW.se and participate in building the new (and smaller?) SM-Ligan. I am positive that if we manage to do this I can surely lure out some nice prizes for the League. And last but not least: It will be good times!


Nephelim of M8D International, founder of the ESL EU ET section and host of the old M8D Friday Frag Festival.
Change nick noob, you have it like tag of nEophyte team
I have been nEph since early 2000 so I rest my case...
Thanks. Did not find my old login :P
hi2u mAusenity
I see your sensitive.. to that kinda thing huh?
why you tryin to get swedish players? for what i can remember it wasnt just swedish but whole europe what played in SM-ligan while it was one of the main comps at that time
True. But we need to start off somewhere. I´m open for more teams. But as it was with SM-Ligan i think you had to have atleast 2 swe players in the lineup.. Or something...
Cant remember the real early days but atleast 3v3 was open to every clan and there was plenty of foreign clans in it.. anyway run a cup / ladder (open for all) with good admining and it should be success ^^
The last 3on3 / 6on6 leagues before it died was teams from scandinavium and the really old 6on6 league etc was only swedish with some norwegian players If I remember correct.
yeah it was scandinavium only =D

still there was many teams around ^^
Even if it was swe or sca only we need to start off from something. Hopefully enough of you will be interested in reviving the odl swedish community and we will take it from there. but as mentioned. It all comes down to the quality of the cup at the end. I think we will do good. :)
Good to see you again nEph :) Ignore the whiners!
thx Toss. Also managed to recover my old username here. thx to a magic brit. ;)
gl, nice site
Held og lykke :)
Hi Neph! :)

GL with it.

I still miss M8D Radio and everyone around it :´(
thx m8! me too, me too... :/
I got a Gamestream video from plus vs. FBI from SM-ligan :)
If it's about finnish FBI clan, I would like to see it :P
upload on youtube so i can post it at RTCW.se :P
It's looong, 200 mb.

It's also bugged, can fast forward or rewind it. So I'm probably not going to upload it.
I miss M8D FFFs :(
most of them has been gone for over 2 years
smligan<3 and dont make the league again, the game has been destroyed for ages now and dont ruin the name of good old smligan..
I see your point nordaN but we are several that wants the league back. It wont be in its orginal form but a new SM-Ligan. Agree that the game has been dead and several clans has gone seperate ways since then but I believe ET will continue to live. Perhaps we will even see an increase in players soon again? Who knows... If the support and interest is big enough we will launch this league.
hello neph, I don't know you but by saying "hi neph", I feel important and oldschool
haha! Hi fra! (sounds almost like "high five" in some way)
The Swedish ET league
well I've been the only one idling #swertcw for several month now :D
Varför idlar du i en tom kanal?
det va folk där förut och sen dess har jag inte brytt mig om att ta bort den från min channellista
Tar inte många sekunder att ta bort en kanal från en kanallista.
Själv är jag riktigt kräsen om att idla i så få kanaler som möjligt för det är så mycket skönare :>
idlar inte så ofta så jag bryr mig inte. hur gåre med ryggen föresten och vad gjorde du för något konstigt?

Jag stängde fönstret > gick och tog en panodil > gick o la mig med alla kläder sen när jag vaknade så var det så gott som bra, lite ont.

Det är nog från i lördas, fick nå svart polackjobb och fick lyfta som jag aldrig gjort förut för en skitlön! Har haft ont i ryggen sen dess!
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