6on6.have srv. map: haemar_10

Ok, so my yesterdays journal revisited.

Map is haemar_a10, we got it from the mapmaker to test it for playability and are looking for some opponents who would be interested in such activity. The map has really got some potential so this is a nice chance to be one of the first to play this new map and get your word in for the finetuning.

So.. gimme a shout in IRC plz, nick is urkelo. I can be found at #PURO-Federaatio.gaming @ Qnet for example.

Here are the screenies for the ones interested : http://dyalhenauss.forumactif.net/haemar-f6/haemar-screenshots-t25.htm

Brief info about the objective:
-Destroy main, or build ramp to get over it.
-Cap the flag
-Destroy door controls
-Repair truck
-Steal objective and take it to the truck.

Truck can be repaired at any point of the game.

So whisper me and I will give you a link to DL the map and we can fix the time when we can play. kkthxbai.
merc avi, /Q mini
why so dark:(
good question. it is really dark. it even beats b4 (which atleast with my cfg is extremely dark).
use r_gamma :D
map looks great, though it seems like some mixture of goldrush and karsiah..
..would love to play it, but dont have team to play it with you :/
anyway its ever nice to support new maps and guys, who are still interested in making them! go on!
Looks like gold+karsiah, looking forward to play it!
great map :) played it a couple of times with the mapmaker
Looks awesome,
Maybe a bit too dark but that can be fixed easy
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