Boot time, whats yours?

Cool little proggie that reboots your pc and checks your boot time, run it and post your time here! People with SSD's should whoop everyone, fastest I seen was 12 seconds that was on a forum somewhere.

image: 9fp9mp
TinyXP boottime 10 seconds. mine is something between 20 and 25.
over 9000
27 seconds :)
seriously over 9000 in school computer
23.991 seconds
stop making jokes and create a serious morning journal!
Forgot to outline your button on the right side!
128.679 seconds
43 secs, why does it take so fcking long?:| always wanted that my pc boots faster :[
remove useless programs from starting up, if you have vista make it boot with dual core/quad and with maximum ram, and by lowering theme visuals always helps on performance, me => windows classic theme (owns)
dont have any useless programs at startup, dont worry. but i have dual boot,with winxp so that slows quite a bit i 'd doesnt take long when it enters or that welcome screen appears, its quite slow while loading windows in boot
4.00 seconds. -> (tard Japaneses)

But tbh no, i haven't been using it since its a bit annoying. And i cba to run the test, but its kinda fast... 20s i would say
Why is it annoying? Thinking about installing it
Because when you press "shutdown", your pc will reboot and then shutdown (takes a bit.... its stupid :X )
Oh...oke..thanks :)
something like 50 secs :D
500gb hd and 550gigs of it is porn, now how's that too much?
it involves jewe so everything is too much
If u mean the 5GB clip of u and jewe 'working' i've deleted it a long time ago.
i love my laptop with intel ssd <3

I'd say about 8 to 10 seconds on that.
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