Valkyrie versus. aestas

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Today Wednesday the 28th, an important day for the image: pt #Valkyrie , since with a victory today may already think about the next phase of the OpenCup, so far with an exemplary way by winning all their group games,in this way they will worth the lead in Group C of the Premier League OpenCup Fall 2009

Now comes the most difficult phase since the last three games, will play three teams with the highest rated of their group, I think with the victory today against the image: be aestas, it seems that will be established for the Playoffs.

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krypto , reAvr , wht , $!LV3R , nomearod ,utk

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image: aestastitle

spiROZE , Flocky , fostrum , Prydz , NoHead , ohzor4

Quote image: ptkrypto
If we win the game on Wednesday we have a foot in the playoffs in the first division which is very good for us that we are new in this. hf

Quote image: pt uTk
I suppose it will be a difficult game, but hard fought!

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will be the hardest game k faced so far in this group stage, but we have good chances of winning!

Quoteimage: be spiROZE
it's simple, aestas will rape them,+ the nose (Prydz) will deliver!

sorry for bad translation :[
Nothing special.
believes that no one will die for it,
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Will be interesting game!
gl ohzor4 one man army
krypto, reaver and nomearod ..... looks like an easy bash
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