Need new headset!

Hi everyone after 2.5 year of use my Logitech Precision Gaming headset has broken so i need new one. For the price I prefer something around 20-50 euro with microphone and other good things (Eternal headset). Advices here plox :)
Sennheiser HD457 - Dont take them
koss sb something
SteelSeries 3H
Get it again, its a good headset
Koss SB/45, best headset out there you can get with that price range (you can get it for around 30€ in finland)

been using it for a year and half or so now and it's really good
use speakers -.-
the fatal1ty ones pretty decent if u dont have a huge head. also a decent price
+1 man , im using it since 2 years now , its fucking awesome!
Why buy anything endorsed by that faggot, it's all junk. I'd rather buy products from Apple ;_;
What Slasheh said.

CreAtive Fatal1ty has good sound, nice bass. It has a long cord, so you can move around in your room while wearing it. It's pretty much unbreakable. And it even looks fair:
you're nc customer
for what do you need a headset?
not anymore m8 :)
Sennheiser PC151 or Creative Fatal1ty
For gods sake don't get a "gaming" headset. The models aimed at the primary use of a product will always be the best.

For gaming, mice and mousemats are the only products which are designed which give an advantage over most other standard mice.

For example if I was looking for a gaming mouse I would look at companies which specialise in them (logitech, microsoft, razer, steelseries) and the same with mousemats. If I want a headset I would do the same thing (sennheiser, beyerdynamic, audio - technica). If I wanted a good keyboard (Cherry, Filco, Deck).

Buy products by companies who specialise in making them, don't just buy products because they are labelled "gaming" as it's a complete marketing ploy.
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