priv torrent tracker

so i wanna download borderlands, but i need a good torrent for it.

anyone know some good private torrent sites that i don't need an invite to join?

Nice pic =)
yea, it perfectly describes how i feel about csi :D
what? do you think it's extremely doubtful / unrealistic that a story described in CSI could happen?
CSI has got to be one of the most unrealistic shows ever. half of the tools/technology they use on the show don't even exist. And the way they portray the CSI guys is hilarious. running around with guns, doing whatever they want, randomly interrogating people. doesn't work like that at all in real life.
huh, I didn't know. I'm watching it sometimes with my mom in the living room, but as I am not concerned about that stuff and the law in the USA... well, I never though that what they are doing in that show is utter bollox ;p
hahaha @ random picture : D
btw im on torrent leech :{
"Signups are closed at the moment, and available only with an invitation. "

aint got anymore left :'~<
you don't really need private trackers access for a huge releases like this. it's available everywhere -_-
mininova, piratebay..
all the torrents there d/l at like 100 kb/s. gonna take a long time to d/l a 6gb game...
private and not invite only? ;d
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