So krosfajer...

How ya doin' nigs?

I've been messin' around totally lazy for the whole day, can't be arsed to do anything constructive. Registered on this whole Quake Live thing and got my ass kicked in most of the matches I joined so far, even if they were marked as "skill matched", well not an impressive start in a new game. Currently listening to some Converge nad wondering what to do myself to eat(I guess it's gonna be toasts but I'll add some extra stuff to develop extraordinarily stunning taste which will cause a gustatory orgasm upon my tounge). How was your day? Did anything interesting? Pwned some noobs in QL? Share it here!

Sincerely yours,
The "TheDuck" Duck

image: hailnah
+1 random pic :)

btw brb going kill gf :..)
went to teh barber
nice pic
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