what ur doing :/

Hello crossfire
what ur guys doing :/
atm @ school free @ 12:45
so what ar u doing playing ET
wanking watching this topic ect....
image: nice_jewish_girl
You are not banned yet?
Hi 2u cheatbuster xD
and why should i get banned?
nice hmm uzi :~>
Celebrating my birthday
+1 :D

13 nov 1989 ftw
bday on friday the 13th :D hope something bad happens to you :D
braun opened journal today at 13th so np :D
At school, listening stuff about juristics and thingies. Home soon, tired :/
just took a shower :))
rofl me too :(
going to the mall soon
have fun :))
Listening to Metal-Hard_Rock_Covers_1_-_75

np: Hubi Meisel - The Sun Always Shines On TV [04:36m/192kbps/44kHz]
sick @ home :(

But i just took a shower also, i got a appointment at the doctor in 30mins
just woke up, put some flowers to the basement :D! to wait for sun come up again and get those dien things out of sight

and fuck, im freezing

-15 and im having fire in the fireplace every evening and morning and still freezing! floor is liek so cold :< donate me money so i can have a warm home
missed my train so skipping school today
gonna eat in 15min, then get properly dressed and go to pub lolz
Just woke up

I didn't have school today :)
still ill :(
=[ get well soon. Jee whiz
someone disturbed my cool dreames by calling me so tiredddddddddd.
at work :(
Listening to music, just got shower and such. Had KFC for breakfast... ? :/ ... Had pure ownage cup of tea and these Fox's chocolate biscuits. I will then go out and see my parents and sister. After that come home chillax, drink my beer (most likely). Play some MW2 on PS3 (add me if you want high only - Physicalfire is my PSN) or (XBL - Youngie1337).

Then don't know about night :), perhaps some nice food from my GF <3. I will be editing some stuff for a little inspiriational thing I'm making.

Best day, never? :).
sleep -> phonecalls -> tired -> hon
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