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Hey bros! Well, finally after 3 years i decided to work "hard" to get my drive license (did the signup 3 years ago but never went to exam, was fucking boring...). Got approved at "code" exam 2.5 weeks ago and already did the signup to drive exam (which will be somewhere in 1st week of December, i hope).

Anyway, today i got my car. Its a volkswagen Polo 2009, gasoline, 70horse power, 1.2.
Nothing special to be honest. It's a kinda weak car, but maybe it's not that bad, since it will help me moving around at low velocities xDDDD.

It's very nice for a Polo (old version were kinda "low profile", small cars...etc). This one looks like the last Golf version as you can see here or here.
Its silent, comfortable, beauty, and i love the hill hold technology....

Took some pics meanwhile, you can see them
image: Imagem0036
image: Imagem0037
image: Imagem0038
image: Imagem0039
image: Imagem0040
image: Imagem0041
image: Imagem0042
image: Imagem0043
image: Imagem0044
image: Imagem0048
image: Imagem0049
image: Imagem0050
image: Imagem0051
image: Imagem0052


Share the cares!

(thanks everyone!)
the design of the polo has indeed increased a lot :)

hf driving
Good choice, who needs more power anyway, just for show offs and for those who suffer of somekinda penis-gealousy.

+ VW is reliable as a trains toilet.
just drive without driving licence -.-
nice car
looks good to me :)
Nice car. A friend of mine has the same one :) Just in white (matt).

Enjoy driving my friend, but never drink and drive ! ;)
I'm not much the kind of guy who drinks till i get completely wasted...I drink, yes, but with control.
LOL mates don't worry he only drinks milk and SHOTS of H2O !!! :D
fu ;'(

still driving my dad's hilux image: 5841013
lol no :D I dont have a car yet :(
that yours ? lol
the new polo is cool,but that engine :(
Specially the 3 cylinder thing :DD But like i said, lets see the positive side!!! I will hardly get caught at velocity excess!
now you have to exec polo.cfg
:DDDDDD epic win :D you made me laugh
image: dscn2426

I have a small penis and I like to share the fact with everyone, so I bought BMW this summer.

P.s. ///PALE has BMW too, which he bought with the moneys he got from cheaters buying palehook.
Nope, that is a near-classic, not a small-penis-BMW :)
Damn, I've bought wrong one then =S
what's the point of buying a brand new car, you just lose lot of money when you sell it .... :/
I just bought a car, do you really think i will sell the car/get a new one any time soon? :P This one will last for long long time, i hope.
depend if your going to kill "dead Cats" forget it (old story)
i know you're not going to sell it soon, but i dont think buying a new car is a good choice (except for rich guys).
Just find a 3/4 years old car it will cost you 40% less and will works exactly the same.
We have seen some "service cars" with less than 2 years, 30 000km and 2 years warranty, but well... new is new and i know i won't have any problem soon, while at the other side, if i would buy a used car i would certainly get some probs sooner...
your choice, but don't be too confident with new car, hope you will not get trouble with yours ;)
Seriously dude, you known nothing about cars as I can see, I dont own a car but I know that for this money you could buy a much better and faster and bigger and much much much more luxury car than this women shit xD even if the car was 2003 or something
Cars ain't about size or power for me. I want a car i like, and i love the volkswagen's (which are kinda expensive, atleast here at Portugal..)... Ofc i could buy a better car with same money, but i didn't want to.
it is a pretty nice car, and you dont need a high-speed car tbh. Is a nice car to go to the party with some chicks and stuff. you did well but now


you make me sick :x

nice car :> hf!
how much?
you live with your mum? =X
Parents actually :P why?
share the cares? ok

toyota is the best choice but I guess that is O.K. :P
as long as you dont drive it into a lake....
There is no lakes around here :D Lucky me uh?
thought you lived in Texas? no?:P

hf with your portuguesse volkwasgen polo
70hp is not that bad! I once drove with a guy who owned a 40hp fiesta and that just sucks!

u are kidding :D
Lets make it 71horse power if you help pushing the car.
u seem the biggest retard on this topic here, bet u dont know much bout cars do u?
its VW, so nice ride id say :D

its time i get rid of my ride and by a real car:: VW Corrado G60 !!!!
sirocco <3
nah, corrado is looking better XD
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