wich mouse pad for mx518?

Wich mouse pad do u guys think is the best for mx518 :)?

I was thinking about 5L or S&S but idk if they r good with mx518..

I just had a 5L It's an alright mat but wears down quickly and gets very dirty also used to have to clean it alot with babywipes.
steelseries 4d works fine :o
Speed- Pad NG
Razer Goliathus Alpha Speed
best aimer is using this

image: cdf2009_strenx1
i got the same mousepad from mindfactory AG :)
Does not look like u, who's that?
Look at his T-Shirt? :P
everglide titan.

ofcourse don't know if it's the best. It's what you prefer. I like it:) more then my q-pad ct
my mx518 <3 razer mantis control :)
Steelseries Qck Mini <3
Everglide Titan :P
hmm.. ik heb 1 bij de HEMA..
ik adviseer je deze want ik heb ook mx518
Ik heb er ook 1 van de hema :D

Zoon blauwe gel matje:X

En de zelfde muis:p
my bf has that mauspad, and i dont like it, to noisy and getting dirty to fast :O
QcK HEAVY for lou sense !
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