Sennheiser vs. AKG

I'm looking for some good wireless headphones.

Sennheiser RS 130 or AKG K930?

Which one do you prefer and Which one do you have?

Thanks for help.

both good brands

but i prefer sennheiser design and sound

but two very equal brands imo
hi m8te

AKG`s deliver the more "true" sound, only the real rough frequencies
Sennheiser RS 130G
what a question
my friend is using AKG K930 and i can assure you they are off the hook :) id definitly go with them
always go for AKG`s
Are you going to game with em? Afaik it will have some lag now and then... couse its wireless. Wires are the best for gamers

If you won't be gaming with em.. or just play wow or something take the AKG K930
think its only going to lag if theres an annoyance through other signales
Now i'm just play for fun, so it won't be a problem.
gonna buy the akg
good quality and the price is right

akg: 44 € (amazon), sennheiser: ~100€ (amazon)

and it looks nice

image: akg930w
Go for AKG ;)

AKG has amazing sound for a good price

Have been using in-ear headsets of AKG for a few years now, and they are just amazing (K324 + K340)

Biggest plus is that they give a way better bass and than Sennheiser's.
Sennheiser RS 130
So you can do what cupper does and bring his headset into the toilet with him while we're doing tacts
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