Objective taken by #Thoro-pictures

image: thoro

Objective taken is a short movie which consist one action from match versus elite clan. So what is special in this film ? First of all it’s a fun movie, which can't be seen as usual as normal fragmovies. Other interesting thing ( I hope so ) is possibility to chose three different soundtracks for this movie. One with the english shoutcast and second with the polish one and third without shoutcast. If you want to chose one you should use VLC Media Player. You can chose soundtrack by clicking Audio Menu in and then in Audio Track you can choose one of tracks. Track 1 for English shoutcast by United Kingdom Mashed, Track 2 for Polish shoutcast by Poland WooKasH (both from Headshot Radio) and Track 3 if u don't want to hear any shoutcaster. I hope you will enjoy this movie, even if it is short.

In rar file You have also 2 funmovies called How to use satchel made with wmv codec. First movie was made about one year ago and second was made few weeks ago. Hope u enjoy it.


"Objective taken" technical info:

Length: 1:32 min

Size: 45 Mb

Codec: x264

Resolution: 800x600

Framerate: 30 FPS


Programs Used:

Enemy Territory
Adobe premiere pro 1.5
Sony Vegas Studio 6.0
Sound Forge



irc: #Thoro-pictures
Website: www.thoro-pictures.ovh.org


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