Plans for today :)

Hoi crossfire its friday wuhuuu, feels great right :D?

Well some people got friday everyday you know ^^ I dont even have to work i am rich anyway hehe :)

Just woke up eated some tuna tbh :) and now i am lisiting to rabih and cleaning my room a bit, I dont like dust n stuff on tablets etc etc.

Soon i will play some et to improve my skill even more, wich will make the nerds rage and egoquit more :pPp

Then ofc its time for my wonderful grirlfriend like always, and we are actually going to watch a kid movie on cinema :p
image: 2009_Up_522491b
then ofc its time for hugs n kiss all night, damn im in love crossfire :) <3

Then when im going home i will tell her i sleep, but haha i will play some et wars first :P
Winning in games and any sports give u atestosterone boost :)

and btw rabih <3

Have a nice friday lovers !
Tell me what will you guys do ?

Have a watch in my profile to see my gaming history n stuff :) hehe
sometimes i just dont get u rly :(
your life only seems a worth if you post it in crossfire. grats.
I forgot to say i will gym also :P
noooooooooooooooooo rly? thats awesome!
awesome movie :) dont care if people laugh at me xD
Agree, will be fun to watch and have a great time with gf :)
that movie is just hilarious <3
ye i liked it too
computer games
great idea :P
play hard go pro :)
>hungover from last night
>Going nandos later
>Then gym
>Chillaxing tonight
gym then :D some alcohol volumes?:D useless gym then!
Im still waiting for a selbust post...
1st- movie idea is good
2nd- some kisses and pleasure are too good
3rd- playing all night et??? FAIL
4th- 2nd & 3rd but without et and drink in!
Maan, u are in love, so wtf is ur problem?

hafe vun!
what can i say, she is awesome and really good looking !
I'll go to the Christmas market and drink some hot spiced wine.. then I'll go probably to the pub and have fun with my friends..

Have fun alexL!
up? in cinema? isnt that movie like half a year old? anyway, I think its a good movie :)

I'll get my hair cut in a few minutes, then I will go home and do nothing cause I feel ill as shit.
yeah but still there with 3D glasses :D
Thanks for remember me about haircut, will also fix a bit :P

oh its shit to feel sick, hate it !
Watching animated movie with 3D :O
Watch a horror-movie or something.
I watched a horror-movie on 3D (in the very same place you are going ) with a friend and couple of girls and I was the one who was most afraid :)

Dont forget to check the web-camera-pictures on the laptops on Media markt, you might see a couple of pictures at us :)
hahaha i will do that my freind ;)

Then i will tell people its newbje from team sweden LoL :D
Today's plans are: paaarty or smoke some weed and play tekken4 with some friends :-)
and et 3v3 around 3-4 to night with dispo :pPp

we will pwn :)
hehe like always =)
I dont know what you are talking about, but if you really wanna play with me I might be up for a pcw next week.
Talk to my assistant (xt6\slajdan on irc) and schedule a game.
ok great will do, well cya in the nightlife stureplaN tonight or tommorow !
Tekken4 sucks.
Hehe I dunno if there are some better tekken, I'm not a console-freak :p

I borrowed ps2 from my sister and she had Tekken4 so I tested it and it was quite nice and nowadays I play it almost every day (Only when I'm stoned and together with friends tho) :)
Play Tekken5...Awesome for weed evenings and much, much, much better than the 4th part. Tekken 4 is the only Tekken that disappointed me so far.
Oh okay :o
It shouldn't be so expensive to PS2 :p
Tekken 4 ist eigentlich gut, nur halt bisschen langsamer als die anderen. Tekken 5 dagegen war Arcade mäßig sowas von Scheiße. Ich weiss nicht woran es liegt, aber Jinpachji kämpft bei mir sowas von unfair und ich spiel gerade mal mittel - schwer. Ich bin weissgott kein schlechter Tekken Spieler (Hab bisher alle gespielt), aber bei mir bestehen seine Angriffe im wesentlichen nur aus 2 Dingen: Erstmal tritt auf den Boden sodass ich geblendet bin bzw. nicht bewegen kann und in der zwischenzeit macht er seine komische Powerattacke - einfach nur lächerlich :|. Devil Within war dagegen ganz lustig...
Ich hab nie den Arcademodus gespielt. Das Spiel gehört einem Kumpel von mir und wir haben das beim Chuffen immer gespielt. Sprich - total breit gegeneinander Team Battle, und da gab's keinen Jinpachi. :( Konnte man den freispielen? Oo

Devil Within war sehr lustig...und Tekken 4 war auch einfach von der Anzahl der Kämpfer Mittelmaß. Außerdem war das damals neue Feature von einem Kampf, der mehr "3D" - also mehr in die Tiefe geht - beim 4er noch nicht ausgereift imo.
i will eat tuna and then i will do 200 pushups and 400 situps and practice et! what should i eat for lunch?????? to be strong and ready to do 200/400 more ?
its not good to over do it, you wont reach your goal trust me
ok i will do 50/100 is that ok ?
1 training a day on same muscle group !
then it need some days rest, then u can bang em again !
how should i train at home with no eq ?
is he a fag? That Rabih Jaber?

gonna hit the gym, then later on its family time :xxx
No he got a girlfreind :)

gL at gym :)
im going to bang my shoulders today in gym
same, can barley sit down on the crapper after a heavy leg/thigh workout yesterday.

- on a side note :p A friend of mine benched 250 yesterday :xx
hehe nice, gotta love the feeling tough eirik :P
haha that is fucking insane :D
im happy with my 140 xD

what do u bench?
did 170 a week ago or so, but had a rly good day, dont know if I can do it today :D
haha n1, are u bulk form or are u ripped atm?
something in the middle, started to eat more pure fat. Started doing that and working out with dumbbells for 4 weeks and poof I gained 10kg's in the benchpress :D
haha nice, yeah training need variation or how i spell it ahah
u need to chock em with different exerices to gain more and faster !

yeah same here i am @ 104.7kg atm :P

whats your weight
i'm currently on 96, so i'm just gonna stay on that wheight until February and then start dropping.
ok but you are shorter than me aswell !
175-180 something around there
up is nice but kinda sad ! dont cry
:P im a guy with much feelings.
but if i start to cry , she will think im very cute :P
Off out in a bit to take some pics in the forest
Back home for lunch
Go for a drive then clean/wax my car
May go out for a few pints tonight if not then watch a movie + some ET
Read my book then sleep ;PPP
chilling first than going than im gonna train the whole evening for the dutch championships of breakdance :D
up is nice movie. sometimes bit sad and serious

nice u r in love and share ur happiness with us all! ;)

just stood up after my first day on hols. i played last nite till 4 am in the morning. finally!

now i drink a coffee, have to clean my car from inside. need to buy some food, then paly paly et. laterz im invited to some friends.

have a good day all :)
hehe thanks :)
that sounds awesome !

have a nice day schnee !
dunno how u live without working and styding... :)
Quite a lot people do that actully.
I can only say I live pretty good ^^
afaik u arent doing both like for years :)
if u have some money sources then its good^^
what about eco. crisis ? )))
jeez, all that typing throughout the years and still lowskill in english
chilling with freinds
looks perfect :)
it was perfect :D
work eat work psychiatrist fuck xbox sleep
Woke up at 5 ran a bit and then hit the diner to get some food.

Now Im cleaning up my room and waiting for my gf. I kinda want to play ET but waiting for my mate bizkid to show up!

btw yesterday this girl wrote to me that she wants to hook up with me! - The Right one image: 64081355874128967450028
ahhahahahahhahaha adi u fucker :D
edit: she looks hot adi, well done :)
Yeah she does! Heard she still has a BF that likes to watch childrenmovies!

hahahahah <3
lol fuck off adi dodi vent
bi&#269;ez smell money!
kako ide sa pokerom? :D
berem ovaj strategy =)
very sexy legs :D :D:DDDDDDDDDD

" Then when im going home i will tell her i sleep, but haha i will play some et wars first :P "

size of penis?
its all about the technique :)

and why does penis size matter for you anyway when you dont get pussy :D
im wrong man to answer that since never had problem of getting

so you can almost cheat to get pussy but then when they see it they are like "that reminds me of that but.."?
This is the time EVERYONE has waited for, the picture of his girlfriend AlexL didn't want to upload.
12:45 alexL • Hon är väldigt snäll och det är det viktigaste.
Which means "She is very Nice and that's the most important."

image: -EMELIE
she's cute, asl?
i call for troll on this
13:06 alexL • omg :p delete it man.

13:08 alexL • THE PICTURE IS OLD!

13:09 alexL • I dont care what you or crossfire thinks about me and my girl....

13:12 •alexL[] has quit IRC
why are there ppl standing on those sausages :\
hungarian local area network @cod4 XD
hehe im kinda sexy with my white hollywood teeths :)
yes i know :/
dunno, maybe coming new ones soon :P
just got home from work, having sum family round to get some £££££ and presents then going for a meal with mates then raving all night with 30 of my mates, chyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
invite me to the cf gym team :)

I'll go to a trip with my gf for the weekend
great have fun <3
tack detsamma <3
thx :)

sending this from ship wireless ^^
I think you have pm :p soon :p
friday is my fav day of the week actually.

classmate will pick me up and then we go to gym
after that football train
after that some eat/sleep i guess
then go out, prolly do a poker-night with friends...few beers since g2g hairdresser tomorrow (but u'll never know the endings @ friday :D)
no time for ET
finally got out of school, bought cigarettes and gonna go party with gf later =))

meanwhile maybe some ET?
Age: 17 ( 22 June 1992 )

I knew it :)

Someone who is over 18 and smoked a couple of years wouldn't mention that they bought cigarets cuz it's a daily rutine.
actually havent smoked for few weeks becouse have been sick, thats why i mentioned it.
Why the fuck wouldn't you smoke because you are sick? I dont smoke cigaretts myself so I dunno but can't see a reason not.
doesnt rly help if your throat hurts, smoking just makes it worse.. And for example i dont feel like eating anything good(like kebabs,hamburgers etc..) when i m sick so kind of similar effect..
Ye sure.. Sorry for the offence but I dislike peoples who starts smoking cigaretts and even more to guys who are 17 years old and bragging about it :)
so serious =/ oh well guess its good to have oppinions, but its a bad habbit i'll give u that
food, gym, eat at girlfriend, going out
trying to buy a decent ashish from marrakash with a lowest price. Is it interesting ?
1. Going hunted with myne fryends..
3. My cat has nevered got have a glass
3. I can wrote mr . wish and called a women whore
2. When i usialli go hunt , i hunt a biggerst teer there was.
4. And then my girlfrend is she avsem
Hope ur had you are a fun today...
Greedings from Poland
watched some movies, going to pub in 1h
1 woke up at 14:00
2 checked up my mails and stuff
3 have a shower
4 taking some food
5 play some et after lunch
6 later prolly going to buy some things (i lost my old football shoes so going to buy another ones :) and maybe a new piercing o: )
7 later back at home have more et time
8 have a fastfood dinner ( which i love it :D)
9 prolly later going out to take some beers with friends and little party
10 ending my day sleeping :)))))):)))))):))))))

weapons were invented to kill that stupid guy
woke up
my roommate got some delicious food ('broodje beenham')
took a shower
cleaned up my room
have to leave my pc for the weekend, cause im going home
will be back sunday to frag
low+ forever!
Going on a birthday later on. Might chill with my mates at a shishabar inbefore. :O)
drink and go to bjørn hellfuck consert, then go home and pwn everyone at ET! Play hard, Go UltaPRO! LADIDA! :P
great night man! NOT.

go get wasted, be young. Bro's before ho's
Nothing tonight, too tired of working and Im @ my parents home anyways, but for tomorrow some plans ;p
going to a friend to warmup a bit and then driving with a taxi in a disco :]
hf @ cinema , i think up is the perfect movie for you ;)
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