ps3 or xbox? :P

Finally got some spare money for a new console, but which to get!?

I did want to get a ps3 at first, but more people seem to play xbox live more?

image: 2s9vyia

image: 28iudxt

Help mee! :'(

p.s. I'm currently inactive, but might return to ET sooooon! :)
ps controller > xbox controller
I prefer PS3 controllers even though some guy on the internet says the ones of xbox are better..
ps3 > xbox
PS3 of course. You can get all the games that matter from the Xbox on the PC anyway.
GoW 2? Forza 3? Fable II? Halo 3? Read something more about x360, then comment.
Hopefully GoW2 will be released for PC as well. I don't really care about the other games. :p
Uncharted 2? uuu
ps3 ofc cuz Final Fantasy Versus XIII is only to be released on ps3
also on 360
not an exclusive anymore..
wtf... now the world is ruined forever
fuck console

start playing ET again :D:D:DD
when u can pay for it, xbox360 & >xboxlive<
when u want all games, ps3!
1year xbl costs 10€
10€ ?????
do want wo ??
my xbox is flashed
hab quellen :D
gief me
kann ich trotsdem zokken mit ner geflashten xbox ?
ne, mit ner geflashten kannst du nur avatare erstellen und sie dir anschauen
nein, ms erkennt firmware flashes und bannt die konsolen
:( mies auch wne ich originale games zokk
jo :P
musst auf die LT firmware warten
PS3 has a bluray drive, xbox doesn't. The only plus about xbox is the controller :p

And I also think there are better games made for PS3.
and?:D tell me whats good about bluray except you can watch dvds with it
Ehh, there are so many things which makes PS3 a reasonable choice. I'm not going to argue about which one is better because I think for a normal user they are pretty much the same except the PS3 had a bluray, which is a big plus.
yey! it has bluray plaeyr, wow it's truly amazing! :D now i can start watching bluray movies altho i never will, but it has them! :D

Sure, it's so better in any ways that probably just by mistake developers (because they are stupid as fucks and don't know how to make games for PS3, right?) still prefer X360 and by that the MS console got so huge game database and enormous amount of players ... BUT PS3 AT LEAST GOT THE FEATURES! LIKE THE BLU RAY! LOL!

Anyway, if you have real life friends - Wii. If you have some on-line friends - X360. If you're alone and no-one loves you - PS3 is your choice -,-
I bought PS3 to play racing games, NHL and PES. And probably some adventure games. For multiplayer online games I go to PC. :)
So you haven't played anything with X360, just basing your opinion on the fact that you got PS3 and not the X360?
I have. A friend of mine has an xbox360. But isn't it understandable to buy a PS3 if I don't want to waste another 300e on a bluray player?
like you were going to buy bluray anyway, it's what they all say, find info from web and you see this "it has bluray" alot. ^^ fanboy is fanboy. :DDDD
Believe what you want. But I really do enjoy watching high quality movies from my full HD tv, so why not?

And I never really said PS3 is better? It's the more obvious choice for my use.
in that case i'm sorry and i believe you. but when you see that comment everywhere it kinda loses the realism of it ^^
Ye but defending something so stubborn isn't really credible either. I was totally aware about the differences between ps3 and xbox360.
im just asking people why they burn the cross over xbox because they are almost the same and my first reply on this post was ps3.
you're an idiot

blu ray is cool

shut up
show me your bluray movie collection? you must be huge movie fan cuz you defend so furiously.
blu ray is cool

furiousity at its best:p

and none, i borrow them
bluray is shit :>
guess you're still watching video tapes
blu ray > dvd
proven so deal with it

better yes, popular NO

x360 - better controller, Forza 3, these two come to my mind atm as Forza 3 is definitely the best driving game ever made :P
blu ray (:S)/ great media center
free online play

shit controller
lack of cool games (not much choice imo)

good online play
good media center
good games (more then ps3)

pay to play online

it's a matter of personal preference

i used to own both

dropped the ps3 cause i hardly touched it :)

controller preference is strange, it's a matter of taste

i absolutely love the xbox controller and HATE the ps3 controller
wow BLU RAY!!! Who uses this shit anyway
wanna buy my xbox360 firmware flashed with about 300 games?
was willste dafür? :D
elite mit gh3 gitarre 2 controller und massig an spielen
ist die in ordnung? evtl. 2 pads dabei?
jo, kein xbox live ban oder so, 2 controller halt
ich sprech dich heute noch im irc an :)
live banned probably? ;)
wann warste das letzte ma damit on?;DDD
ive bought a ps3 but xbox360 elite is 100 times better and cheaper, trust me :) just check some forums where you can read everything about xbox360 elite
Xbox is cheaper and has more users which is obvious for it was released much earlier than PS3. But it's the Sony console that has a brighter future since it's more 'up-to-date' in the techworld :p.

If you've got money, go for PS3. at least I'd do so if I were in your shoes. Otherwise take Xbox. It's the choice where you don't really lose since both consoles are great :p.
i always was a playstation fan and own a ps2 myself, but one of my colleagues gave me the advice to buy a xbox360 rather than a ps3.

what can i say?
i still dont regret that i bought it :)

go for the xbox360...its cheaper, there are more games and the fact that it doesnt support blue-ray but hd-dvd, isnt that bad, in my opinion.

i dont have a hdtv (playing it on a normal 50 hz pal tv) but the graphics are still great.
in general i think the xbox360 shows the graphics slightly better than the ps3, but thats just a thing i read in many game reviews.
ps3 - original games = ~ 40$ (?) for 1 game
xbox - you can download every game
Get a PS3 and then a pre-owned 360, then chip it and dl the games.
How much would this come too?
300 beans or so
as a owner of 360, take ps3, dunno why.
I have all consoles kekekeke
PS3. xbox just sucks.. playing for xbox live :S... PS3 better games.. Better graphics.. etc.
hahahahah :'DD "etc" :DD what else? what makes you think ps has better games as both haves the same, only few differences each platform but nothing more. and the comment about graphics, waaahahah :D

you don't know shit man :)
do you know how much bluray disk players cost? no? shut up then
both concoles have same games imo, for this game xbox is better and for the other game ps3 is better but the games for ps3 are so goddamn expensive and thats the only thing id talk about
it annoys me that they are going to release final fantasy 13 on xbox as well, thats so shit :<
my conclusion: if u are poor then buy xbox :P
and all of that, how often people uses bluray? i never watched any b-movie, neither my friends, why? because dvd-quality is good enough for me, if i want to see theatre quality i would go in one and watch it there. making your choice by bluray is in my opinion fucking stupid, because most of kids doesn't even watch them, just explanations of a stupid people who tryis to cover their fanboyism console.

"if u are poor then buy xbox :P"

how's that?

it's like 100€ difference on this consoles :D you must be really russian if you don't have extra 100€ on your bank account ^^
Quoteand all of that, how often people uses bluray?

there are people with a ~12.000€ tv in the living room and who maybe want to watch on bluray
want but still alot people uses dvd more than bluray. and after a while there comes another new cool thing for movies etc.

getting boring now, okey, bb :)
you have troubles understanding the text you read? i asked from you, not from youtube. :DD
go on a holiday. prick. =)
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