I hear RevolutionTT [RvTT] site has given some invites or smth like that for christmas.
Would any of you be kind enough and spare me one? ;)


p.s. if you need smth in return.. np
A really decent tracker, a good one to start with before joigning all the big ones.

There is currently some "secret" open sign ups for Christmas/New Year.
what big ones? ;o
SCC, TL to name a few.
im already on TL and ive heard about scc but never got a chance to check it out.
anyway for some reason i was sure rvtt was a HD scene tracker ;o
TL, SCC, RevTT etc are pretty much on the same market, 0day trackers with packs etc.
SCC is more like Scene only and TL is more like P2P/Scene/User Content though.
SCC yes, TL too easy to get in tbh. I'd rate revTT almost the same as TL
TL is still way better, because of the more important userbase and torrents.
It's also way easier to seed on TL (though I didn't use my RevTT account in quite some time) and TL has P2P releases and some other non scene stuff that RevTT (or any other scene tracker actually) doesn't have.
If you were looking for a HD tracker, I would recommend you getting into scenehd, bit-hdtv & hd-torrents. SceneHD is the best, but it's scene only, so if you want to find non scene releases you can still try bit-hdtv & hd-torrents.
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