Trip to le Poland!

Good morning crossies. Today im going to Poland Gdansk and from there we gonna drive 700km to Zakopane.

So poles tell me something usefull about Poland. Like what beer should I try, drinks, food and what is best shopping place?

Oh and some good sentences like "thank you" and "hello" "by by" etc..

Thx in advance.
gonna steal your TV while you are gone
but then you have to leave your house? :o
No? He is my roommate
Owned :D.
watch your stuff
just dont drink homemade vodka
cause you get blind / die.
It's only when you drink CH3OH (Methanol) it makes people blind, but when you drink C2H5OH then it's np, i tried many times homemade vodka, neutral grain spirit + boiling water its really nice :p
be aware of the horrible traffic
keep an eye on the wallet
Try polish vodka -> Wyborowa, Zoladkowa Gorzka
Gdansk is really nice city, and you should go shopping there, because i don't think there are any big shopping centres (never been to Zakopane:p), in Zakopane there will be a lot of ppl i guess, it's the most popular place to spend winter, so watch out for drunk bastards and thiefs :p When you want to save some money, but still drink a lot of beer, you should buy it in Gdans in markets, because Zakopane is pretty expensive i suppose :p But if u dont care that much just buy it in bars. Also dont expect you'll get that fast to Zakopane, because main road to this place is like one huge traffic. But i'm sure you will have nice time.
there is a lot of shooping centres in zakopane:) but yes, some stuff is a bit more expensive, not that much though.
well have fun.

Avoid bald ppl. When it comes to beer, choose between Lech and Warka Strong.
dont forget about tyskie
ile kosztuje zubr:D?
harnas 2.30zl :D

nie pilem jeszcze harnasia ale musze sprobowac
Go watch some football in PL, one of the only fun things to do there
I wanna go to polska, it seems like such a great country;)
Well, I live 15km away from Zakopane, been there lots of time and I want to tell you that you will surely find there boost of Russians. Anyway, Polish people look forward to Russians, sometimes they try to steal smth from them (coz generally only rich Russian go to Zakopane) and just stay in the group and keep your money deep in your pocket. What else? About food, you should try: Oscypek (homemade cheese), Bunc and Moskol. If you want a good beer, buy Tyskie, cheap beer Zubr, cheap vodka - Zoladkowa Gorzka, good vodka - Finlandia (:DDD) and I think that's all.

Spasibo spasibo. Thank you very much for your reply. If m4lczik is old enough maybe you get your ass in zakopane bar or something :). I dont know what we gonna do on new year, but I thikn it will be something special ^^
spasibo faggot kviki
Ty wopsiem piszy mnie na PRV ili zajdi w IRC :D Eto budiet palieznieje ciem spam Ruskim jezykom tut na publikie ;) Dawai zajdi i ja tebie isio kakijate wisie pridatnyje skazu :)
You dont go to poland! Poland comes to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beer -> image: lech_premium or image: Debowe-Mocne-piwo-jasne-0-66l-Full

about shopping, just as mentioned above, do it in supermarkets and big shops.

good morning - dzien dobry
goodbye - do widzenia
how much? - ile?
if you want more just pm :D

w y p i e rdalaj
image: tyskie_old
the only thing you should try!
+1 and
image: wyborowa-nowa


image: ZoladkowaGorzka_000
Lech is way nicer than Tyskie but in most pubs i went to in Krakow only had Tyskie or Okocim!
Quotetell me something usefull about Poland.

image: tumbleweed
:D i see whut you did there
Quoteand from there we gonna drive 700km to Zakopane

thats not a good idea :s
Its le France..
W Tesco jest Wojak za 1.69zł xD
6% czy 9 :D?
nie wiem, za mlody jestem na piwo ^^

E: ale chyba 9%
wojak prosze cie, nigdy wiecej tego moczu juz nie sprobuje
i dont think driving from gdansk to zakopane is a good idea :P
Poland is not a germany so its gonna take very long time, especially when most of the people are moving for celebrating new years eve. plus from what i see, the weather is turning pretty bad for drivers (snow) so the last 100 km (from cracov to zakopane) will take couple of hours :P gl tho
in gdansk
image: spec3

image: wyborowa%20new

image: 5902573003103 (MINT)+ image: Tymbark-Jablko-mieta-napoj-2l-PET-Full APPLE+MINT

zakopane sux by the way :<
Wanted to go to zakopane when I was in poland but didn't have time to Poland is good tho, would love to go back some day
this is poland, not fucking farm like most of u thinks

image: 697523
no1 think its a farm,not even mAus because he dont think
lol n1 photoshop
have fun Quiki!
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