the lost cfg

i downloaded et from this website--->(url) []
there is a cfg included
i've done my own and where do i have to past it, or where is the cfg saved that is already included since the download. it's not etmain, i tried to exec my own but it say couldnt exex blabla.cfg
very strange
someone experience with that issue?
thanks for help
yes.... download configs an win ec!
very strange!
You have prolly named it wrong (as a config.cfg.txt).
u have to put in etmain , whateveriscalled.cfg
yeah be sure that you have the right extension. maybe its called config.cfg.txt and you see only config.cfg coz you dont see extension in your computer
@mike... fat child lern to read
@thomm... no its named right
@Lover... lern also to read

so pls just answer people who have a clue
ur the fat child around here!

fat child!
Well sorry for trying to help, I had the same prob, it automatically made the .txt extension, had to crop it manually off.
thanks sinus ;)
problem solved
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replying is easier since people get a message in their inbox then , that someone replied on them! Glad you sorted it out, hf!
someone shitted in your brain ?
"@thomm... no its named right"

and then you thank sinus for saying the exact same thing?

What a tard
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