canadian talent

Canada rockstAr

sry who?

shooting headshots everywhere <-

progamer :)
he is pro ":D"
owned tag on supply :)
when i was playing against him few months ago he sucked, now he shots 3hs everytime
but not going to judge, maybe hes just skilled :)
Stop the crap bro, u have etBot urself :)
still angry because i dont want u in clan? :DD sprajt told me youre spamming him all the time that u want to join, sorry to dissapoint u but we arent playing with childish hackers
I never said i wanted to joine, he asked me, that he wants me for engi, i said i'll think and than i said after some days, (while HE spammed me) he didnt answer anymore, i just wanted an answer, never said on request to joine bro, :) and i told sprajt that u had etbot, and he knew u had it but he didnt care.. seems ur even to obv for ur teammates : DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
sprajt keep saying that me, invent and hwq have etbots, so? u two should learn how to play on hax to dont get busted every 2 months and then talk about someone else :D
And yes, youre mad because we dont want so don't deny it :)
I don't care if i joine or not, i didnt even ask to joine, and i didn't care, sprajt asked me to joine, because he needed and engy and because i know him over a year.

And it makes you retarded saying that ur friends have etbot + so do u have (and ur rly obv with it, but still low though) and sprajt got busted ONCE and so did 1 ONCE, for public hacks, u guys will get busted for etbot, probably ur an excheater who still serves his ban but under other name...... how pathetic rly, don't u agree?:)
Im playing under this nickname since 2005 and never been busted, anything else?
I said that sprajt thinks that we got cheats, not me, learn how to read kiddo
sprajt told me yesterday that he had pbbans 7 times in the past, also that youre playing on cheats right now, but do u see me care about it? I told him that if i figure out if someone is cheating in team then i am leaving, thats why i dont want u

tbh i had nothing against u and thought u are a nice guy untill u started attacking me after u lost 3o3 pcw against me, relax dude, its only game :)
Actually i won against you with name 'i'm gonna fuck you up homie', You actually kicked us. And yes, you do hack, ur obvious as fuck, u dont have any kind of gameplay and ur aim is not human at all, try new settings, and i never used any kind of private hacks like u do... and yes, u do hack sprajt thinks u also hack, and i didnt care either, but ur saying randomly that i am hacking (since i clearly owned u) while ur the one using a private hack, most likely etBot........
is it true you like my curls?
do you think we look like girls?
would it cause a sexual block
if you saw, our, great, big cocks!
im a mother fucking rockstAr
noone knows i play guitar
wearing her red bra
this is so wunderbar
action, camera, lipstic lights
i fit in mercede's tights.
i win all my fights
gaming all the nights !
I'm really happy to see my journal has inspired you!
props my bredda
smigun and veerpalu will deliver in canada indeed
so what, shooting headshots everywhere
he just knows how to play that game
he plays on top level, achieved e-fame
maybe you are just a jealous gay?
and u polaks look all the same like malczik
you mean, we're all sexy ? thanks m8 :D
He is know :D

btw here is a good question, why americain are not so good if some canadians make only 2/3 hs with 150 ping lol ?
dont even take the effort to solve that question..
Busted and banned from NA comp. Blame CB for allowing him and his boyfriend to blatantly cheat in NC.
who´s his boyfriend ceres? and what the fuck is up with you americans calling everyone who´s better then you a cheater?
ye i know he got busted but isnt there a tiny little chance that he´s just good? i mean he playes actively and i honestly think that hes not cheating..
Rossko is his boyfriend.
Doesn't matter what you think. You're also banned from NA for blatantly cheating on ETTV. (Not the "official" reason, but still)
haha show me the match where i "blatantly cheated on ettv"
it's just the "old school americans", not all of them. Some of them actually have brains :P
he's not banned from american competition. i am.
i am for not giving my demo's after we got kicked out :D
o ya :D:D
It's just a skilled player @Hi rock ;D
fucking cheaters hate them to ;(
You mad, Bro?
he's just a good aimer.
chile doesnt even know how to strafe so :DDD
:DDD they shud practise strafe on hot chile
OH OK GOOD ONE.. now shut up
ChileCHILE what bro?
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