fuck valentines day

valentines day sux

"+1" if u agree
"-1" if u dont

and later tosspot counts* the votes
why the hate?
+/-1 Rly dont care that its valentine.. dont see the difference between this day and yesterday
Nog eentje voor je inbox.
Check me profile, en dan die quote van lars :D:D:D. die onderste ofzo, jij komt er ook in voor XDDDDDDDDDD
idd lol :D

just another reason to spend money :<
Best day for Fleurop
Just an other "special" day where they want you to spend money for useless stuff
i thought it said rape :DD
Fake logs dipshit
yes truuuuuu
Having your female friends trying to hook you up with their bff's ain't always cool and usually makes you wanna cross this date out of the calendar. And if you have a girlfriend at the time- yeah, like you need more spending-money-on-her days made official :p.

So nu nu nu to the valentine's day!
i dont care about it .... just funny to see how singles are crying about it :p
everyday is valentine's day for my girl (xept when i get my gaming on!)
+/- 0,3mm
"+1" if u agree
-1 a normal sunday wtf
-1 It's bad, but only if you are single. Also as Rayzed wrote, it's another "special" day when you can spend money for useless stuff, but I think this is not so important, it's enough to spend the whole day together.
-1 This "day were you spend money for useless things" swearing is just made by those who obviously never had a good girlfriend. I never did anything expensive with her, just spending the entire day with her and having a good time. Days to refugee and thinking about the relationship, its not like that I could not do this on another day, but Valentines Day always reminds me that you should also honour the small things a relationship offers you.

+1 because Iam single!
i dont really give a shit about it but i know that a lot of girls find it a very depressing day if they are single and don't receive a valentine and that's rather upsetting
+1, it's much better to give a present at a random day, giving a present on valentine is more like "ey lets have good sex tonight" since most guys buy a sexy outfit or chocolate for their girl but I guess there is nothing wrong with that either.
dont u know that it looks a bit odd that guy like u would be sitting with piece of paper in a restaurant
stop trying to be cool.
its not working.
no girlfriend = +1
obvious :)
-1 gonna go on a drink, play some darts and have a nice time. fuck romantic shit :)
sex 3x today = -1
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