Ive just got some absinthe off my sister, 5 different bottles.

3 of them are 80% blue, green, yellow
1 of them is 85% Black
1 of them is 50% Red

I've heard you can drink them in different ways...what experiences have you had with absinthe?

Can they make you hallucinate?

image: Absinthe%20Diable%20Noir
Made me sick for 2 days, will never touch the stuff again :-) and to be honest, I have not touched a drop of alcohol since new years ever, I wish I had realised a long time ago what damage it does to you in your later years...
mate did same, after the overdoose, dont really like to drink anymore :<
i was sober for 3 months but failed sunday and had a drink... It sucked and cant imagine going back to my old routine of drinking everyday :-)

absii nthe. discuss

e: wasn't suposed to absinthe be the green fairy instead of the black devil?
ordered some 0,25L-glasses of absinthe in prague and been knocking these bitches back till I couldn't breathe, but got used to it pretty fast. enjoyed it the most with caramelised sugar, go for it mate!
i've drunken it with water... didn't make me hallucinate :p
Without water as well
Absinth is illigal in the netherlands cuz of the alcohol inside... i only can tell you don't drink it to much cuz u will die lol.
You can die?! xD
find out for yourself broskii
drink it whole bottle and tell me if ur still alive :P
so.. if hes death, he needs to tell you that he isnt alive...?
Bullshit, I drank a whole bottle of Stroh 80' + half a bottle Bacardi Black a while ago and still made it home :)
its not illegal here.. the ones being sold here are the ones without that hallucinating stuff
fucking love absinthe <3

drink it with red bull, tastes pretty good
prob the only combo i would go :x
man i wanna try that shiz!
gona have some thursday, gona be a messy night bwoyyy! :p
we drink it to breakfast, and some better stuff to dinner:D
thats why the polaks have so much brains!
if it has wormwood in it, can make you hallucinate, but 90% of 'absinthe' you can buy doesn't cause its illegal!

as for the taste, you'd be better off rimming lenny
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green is the only one not fake
Your sister is nice.
1st time I ever found out about absinthe was when a girl absolutely hammered a bottle down her neck. She then went fucking crazy and smashed the bottle off her head and trying to slit her wrists with the broken glass.

I shit you not.

I've only drank the stuff once or twice. Both occassions being a very moderate amount.
Use those little glasses which are used to "shot" drinks with! :P But had no problems after drinking absinthe tbh!
idd you had problems enough before drinking so couldn't get worse =)
:D:D:D: clochard
Just drink out of the bottle,
And drink all 5 in 1 time empty!
its better to make it yourself if you want to halicunate. the stuff in stores are not the traditional absinthe :(... BUT if you make it yourself...its disgusting xD but it does do the trick ^^
It just got legalized here in the US, it gets you drunk but it tastes like shit even if you pour it over sugar. I've even had imported European prohibition stuff that was awful. You don't hallucinate because the chemical wormwood supplies is tujone not delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol like it is commonly believed. Although it has some psychoactive properties it would take a higher dosage than what is in an entire bottle of absinthe to have any noticeable effect.
It would be pretty not logical that there would be THC in Absinthe as Absinthe contains high percentages of ethanol which breaks down fat which THC needs in order to be assimilated in your blood :p
Alcohols in general break down the cannabinols. That's why people use isopropyl alcohol to clean their bongs. Most people in America believe that it contains THC though.
i dont believe it can make you hallucinate, just bullshit stories.
only drank 2 glasses so far..tastes bit like ouzo, didnt make me drunk or hallucinate or anything
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