abort :o)

image: IMG_0630

(e: lightning snoop zerender butchji abort)
office freakshow is office
that dude in the middle looks like he's about to murder someone
i agrree, zerender is dangerous! :d
landodger :0000
FIFTEEN, go and work! ^^
cliniclown ftw
snoop is 140cm or something?
no light is just like 2 m
ok, so lets rate

1 from the left, it may be picture, but u look really strange to be honest dunno how to describe it but 4,5/10

2 from the left, awful haircut, 6/10, with better haircut could be 6,5 which is acceptable

3 from the left, fatman but overall u look best as you can (haircut etc) 4,5/10

4 from the left, very good clothes, face is almost normal, 6,5/10
5 from the left fucking awful haircut really, and sth strange on mouth, change ur haircut then u could be 4,5 but now its 4/10

bahahah i lold so hard while reading your comment :D
need moar ratings!!
what a gay rating
Germanybutchji is Jude Law :D
lol :DD

what the heck did lightning eat?
snoop trying to look cool and hard, butchji the rich smartass ;D

abort is the only nice one
Nothing wrong with butchji!
it fits to his emo-style he has now
snoop from bushido style to emo 8DD
gj u just made snoop delete his buddylist
lightning looks like fps_doug from pure pwnage with grown hair
subtile smile by zerrender
omfg oegly ppl.
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