need a ....

need a fov changer, send me pm or post here idc

ty cf community
google ...
try to contact stray :)
make ur own -.- wont take more than 5 mins
bind mwheelup cg_fov 90
bind mwheeldown cg_fov 110
bind mwheelup cycle cg_fov 90 120
bind mwheeldown cycle cg_fov 120 90

OR use this script I made a long time ago
Quoteecho Script by Sungi

bind mwheelup vstr fvu
bind mwheeldown vstr fvd
bind mouse3 vstr fovx

seta fovx echo 90

cg_fov 90
seta fvu vstr fv91
seta fvd vstr fv90

seta fv90 "cg_fov 90; seta fovx echo 90; seta fvu vstr fv91; seta fvd vstr fv90"
seta fv91 "cg_fov 91; seta fovx echo 91; seta fvu vstr fv92; seta fvd vstr fv90"
seta fv92 "cg_fov 92; seta fovx echo 92; seta fvu vstr fv93; seta fvd vstr fv91"
seta fv93 "cg_fov 93; seta fovx echo 93; seta fvu vstr fv94; seta fvd vstr fv92"
seta fv94 "cg_fov 94; seta fovx echo 94; seta fvu vstr fv95; seta fvd vstr fv93"
seta fv95 "cg_fov 95; seta fovx echo 95; seta fvu vstr fv96; seta fvd vstr fv94"
seta fv96 "cg_fov 96; seta fovx echo 96; seta fvu vstr fv97; seta fvd vstr fv95"
seta fv97 "cg_fov 97; seta fovx echo 97; seta fvu vstr fv98; seta fvd vstr fv96"
seta fv98 "cg_fov 98; seta fovx echo 98; seta fvu vstr fv99; seta fvd vstr fv97"
seta fv99 "cg_fov 99; seta fovx echo 99; seta fvu vstr fv100; seta fvd vstr fv98"
seta fv100 "cg_fov 100; seta fovx echo 100; seta fvu vstr fv101; seta fvd vstr fv99"
seta fv101 "cg_fov 101; seta fovx echo 101; seta fvu vstr fv102; seta fvd vstr fv100"
seta fv102 "cg_fov 102; seta fovx echo 102; seta fvu vstr fv103; seta fvd vstr fv101"
seta fv103 "cg_fov 103; seta fovx echo 103; seta fvu vstr fv104; seta fvd vstr fv102"
seta fv104 "cg_fov 104; seta fovx echo 104; seta fvu vstr fv105; seta fvd vstr fv103"
seta fv105 "cg_fov 105; seta fovx echo 105; seta fvu vstr fv106; seta fvd vstr fv104"
seta fv106 "cg_fov 106; seta fovx echo 106; seta fvu vstr fv107; seta fvd vstr fv105"
seta fv107 "cg_fov 107; seta fovx echo 107; seta fvu vstr fv108; seta fvd vstr fv106"
seta fv108 "cg_fov 108; seta fovx echo 108; seta fvu vstr fv109; seta fvd vstr fv107"
seta fv109 "cg_fov 109; seta fovx echo 109; seta fvu vstr fv110; seta fvd vstr fv108"
seta fv110 "cg_fov 110; seta fovx echo 110; seta fvu vstr fv111; seta fvd vstr fv109"
seta fv111 "cg_fov 111; seta fovx echo 111; seta fvu vstr fv112; seta fvd vstr fv110"
seta fv112 "cg_fov 112; seta fovx echo 112; seta fvu vstr fv113; seta fvd vstr fv111"
seta fv113 "cg_fov 113; seta fovx echo 113; seta fvu vstr fv114; seta fvd vstr fv112"
seta fv114 "cg_fov 114; seta fovx echo 114; seta fvu vstr fv115; seta fvd vstr fv113"
seta fv115 "cg_fov 115; seta fovx echo 115; seta fvu vstr fv116; seta fvd vstr fv114"
seta fv116 "cg_fov 116; seta fovx echo 116; seta fvu vstr fv117; seta fvd vstr fv115"
seta fv117 "cg_fov 117; seta fovx echo 117; seta fvu vstr fv118; seta fvd vstr fv116"
seta fv118 "cg_fov 118; seta fovx echo 118; seta fvu vstr fv119; seta fvd vstr fv117"
seta fv119 "cg_fov 119; seta fovx echo 119; seta fvu vstr fv120; seta fvd vstr fv118"
seta fv120 "cg_fov 120; seta fovx echo 120; seta fvu vstr fv120; seta fvd vstr fv119"
what does that script what you made do?
Cycle "cvar 1 2" makes the cvar go through all values from 1 to 2 (if its 'cvar 2 1' it goes from 2 to 1 etc)

the script i wrote does the same but stores the value of FOV in mouse3 (mwheeldown to make fov smaller and mwheelup to make it bigger).

For more clear version: (with tabs etc)

so just exec it and using the mouse scroll you change fov and pressing mouse3 you see what you have now (example: scroll it up twice and press mouse3, you see a text "92")
what kind of script do you want, explain it bit more pls :)
the one explained in the comments above fixed thanks cf community
Fov changers are unnessesary....

But if you need one.

/bind b "cg_fov 90"

(pressing b will increase your accuracy)
bind mouse1 cg_fov 90
bind mouse2 cg_fov 110
Quotebind mouse1 cg_fov 90
bind mouse2 cg_fov 110

maybe bind mouse1 cg_fov 110
bind mouse2 "/quit"

bind mouse2 "+forward"
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