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Just saw the trailer for 'Frozen' and as a skiier i so want to watch this. Looks genuinly like a good film to and aparently the reviews are saying it has amazing acting and that its not done by CGI or green screens so the characters are up on the chair lift for long periods of time and the wildlife is real. In a resort like this one and also its off the main slope so there will be no night snow clearences or snow cannons driving up and down slopes like alot of popular resorts at night.

To heighten the mood for watching this film:

In almost all resorts in the world the scenario in this film wouldnt happen as ski lifts are open everyday and if they are closed for longer all lifts are checked. but in the movie the lift is shut for 5 days and never checked. but still worth the watch.The scenario would be the above link or he would just be found the next morning when the lifts open.
Go (1999 film with katie holmes) is pretty sweet.
You are pretty sweet.
And so are you.
aint that the truth me luver
looks nice ;)
looks shite , lold @imdb
Seems "cool"

Hay guys. Post good movies with imdb links, thanks!
Down 28% in popularity this week... ... still looks like it's worth a watch though :)
what a script...
donwload link or never exist
what a stupid movie? like nobody has a mobile with them, or like they dont just swing over to a back-up tower for the ropes... i dunno, i just dont like it from the trailer..
Highly unrealistic, might still be good to watch tho, but starts of with a wrong impression.
I've just watched "un prophete", great movie. you should start watch movies like this instead of some uber shit
The Crazies!
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