deathadder left-handed edition

i really think about finally switching my mouse to the left side since im left-handed.

is it a good or bad idea?

image: razer-lefty-deathaddersmal
du hast doch jetzt seit ewigkeiten mit rechts gespielt oder net? warum willste dann ändern ;)
bad idea. left-handeds are retards btw
well if you always do evertying with left, your coordination with that hand will be better then with your right so aim-like you might improve since.

On the other hand your used to using ur keyboard with left now and its totally different thing to hold a mouse left instead of keyboard :P
bad idea
left-handeds are retards btw
Fail idea
very good idea!
tried it with dragos setup at cc7 but it felt so weird :D
I'm left-handed too and I must say my right hand is far more accurate when it comes to holding a mouse in my hand. If the hold reminded more like holding a pen it would be an obvious choice to play with the left hand, but no.

But why not giving it a try. I could try it too since my Ikari is basically suitable for both hands.
dont reply to me noname
im left handed 2 and man its a bad idea ^^
Yep, aint rumour...
if you're used to right handed setup i wouldn't bother personally - initially it would've felt more comfortable but i can't see it being worth getting used to personally
bad, I'm left handed aswell and playing with my right hand on the mouse. I'm abit ambidextrous though

I mean, in the end it might work out. But you will have so much to get used to and this might take forever
left-handeds are retards
left-handeds are retards
My friend who is lefthanded plays ET with his right :P
tried to change it once

i guess it might be better for a left handed person to aim with left BUT if you always played with your right hand it prolly takes ages to get used
When i was playing cs i noticed many players that were left handed played with their gun on the left side of the screen, and said it somehow improved their focus, im not sure if its possible to play with cg_drawgun 1 on the left side, perhaps you should request this, that someone makes it possible :-)
i play with drawgun 0 anyway :D
ehe ok, was just a suggestion :P
yes, only fags need a gun to kill. Real men only need a crosshair
awful sensor is awful
In every mouse journal you reply something smart. From where is this knowledge ? And why you are not good in this game ?
Maybe he has tested lots of different mouses to find things out? Use your brains.

And to be honest he is better than you on when compared the effort you two have put on playing. :D
"use your brain"
That's all you could come up with?
Well, probably you didnt read his all reply, but he's not talking about only experiences. He knows a lot specification that you cant tell by just testing a mouse.
well your good with right hand after all these years, so moving to left hand = retard

however if you keep practising with your left hand you might surpass your skills with right hand?

your decision tbh
würfel einfach drum :D
Would you even aim better with your left hand?
at first not. But with some practice he could.
I got a lefty friend and he actually started playing right handed, then switched, and got a lot better.
Would problably be nice but really hard to getting used to it :P changing from keyboard to mouse and the other way around is rly weird :P Also you could save the money from the mouse and play like smurftang :>
no one has a pic of how he plays like?
okey found one

it would be good, but u would need to put alot of practise into it, and that would make u massive skildrop before u would get used to it.
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