CL Quarter Finals

Bayern vs Manchester
Arsenal vs Barcelona
Lyon vs Bordeaux
Inter vs Moscow

ez for manchester
arsenal - barca will be $$$$
#care, outsiders
CSKA gotta rape inter = :(((

but srsly mu is so lucky to get bayern and then Bordeaux/Lyon on the way to finals :S
manus gonna get rolled!
I don't really think B.Munchen is that easy. And an outsider team like Bordeaux or Lyon can be really difficult. Lyon kicked R.Madrid out aswell so why they can't do it again vs M.United ? :) But ok I agree that Lyon/Bordeaux and B.Munchen a little bit easier is than Barcelona.
1:2 / 0:2
Bayern vs ManU: 2:1 / 2:2
Arsenal vs Barca: 1:3 / 0:2
Lyon vs Bordeaux: 2:0 / 1:1
Inter vs Moscow: 3:0 / 1:2

manu (hope lyon)
hdf georg!
Bayern vs ManU: 1:0 / 1:3
Arsenal vs Barca: 0:2 / 1:4
Lyon vs Bordeaux: 3:1 / 1:1
Inter vs Moscow: 3:1 / 2:2
kinda tough match for bayern there, still hoping to see a great performance and perhaps getting through with a bit of luck.
once manu is beaten, the doors are open for the final
arsenal vs. barca gonna be a nice match aswell I guess
barca will get this !
Bayern vs Manu: 1-2 / 3-0
Arsenal vs Barcelona: 1-3 / 4-0
Lyon vs Bordeaux: 2-0 / 1-2
Inter vs Moscow: 3-0 / 0-2
U rly think Arsenal will beat Barca?
I read it as 7-1 Barca aggregate score.

Arsenal home get 1
Arsenal away get 0
Ah you switch the scores accordingly!
yep as toss says.
Bayern - Man U - 1-1 / 4-1
Arsenal - Barcelona - 1-2 / 3-0
Lyon - Bordeux - 1-1 / 2-1
Inter vs Moscow - 8-0 / 25-0
why the hate? :{
we will rape them in revenge!
or you wanna inter to win CL to feel satisfied that u lost to the champions? :P
Roman wont allow you to win if he lost
But u know Roman owns some % of ZSKA right?
under the table only

Germany Bayern vs. United Kingdom Manchester
France Lyon vs. France Bordeaux
Italy Inter vs. Russia Moscow
United Kingdom Arsenal vs. Spain Barcelona


United Kingdom Manchester vs. France Lyon
Italy Inter vs. Spain Barcelona


United Kingdom Manchester vs. Spain Barcelona

I am unsure why people consider Manchester United's route to the final the easiest. The same comments come out every season too. The only reason it is an easy draw is because United have solidified their position as one of Europe's best teams; they are probably a worse team to draw than Barcelona in some ways. Nevertheless, Manchester United's opponents over the last four seasons:

09/10 – Besiktas (Turkish champions), CSKA Moscow (Russian champions), Wolfsburg (German champions), AC Milan (second most successful side ever in the Champions league) and Bayern Munich (German runners-up; fourth most successful side ever in the Champions league).

08/09 – Aalborg BK (Danish champions), Celtic (Scottish champions), Villarreal (quarter-finalists that year), Inter (Serie-A champions), Porto (Liga champions), Arsenal and Barcelona.

07/08 – Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine champions), Roma (Serie-A runners up), Sporting Lisbon (Liga runners-up), Lyon (French champions), Roma (Serie-A runners up), Barcelona (La Liga runners up) and Chelsea (Premiership runners up).

06/07 – Benfica (Portuguese champions), Celtic (Scottish champions), Copenhagen (Danish champions), Lille (Ligue 1 runners up), Roma (Serie-A runners up) and Milan (eventual champions).

In summary, Manchester United lost to the eventual champions twice (once in the final), and won once too. Statistically, of the 23 opponents they have faced: 52% were champions of their league; 39% were runners-up of their league; and 9% finished third – those who finished third include AC Milan, Arsenal, Barcelona and Villareal...

Honestly, they always get an easy draw...
Inter will play the final, your blind or you dont even know J. Mourinho lol
Inter are overrated. I laughed at the fact people said they were one of the teams to avoid; their group-play was mediocre and Barcelona managed to beat them despite playing terribly. They beat a Chelsea side missing a number of key players and playing terribly, and somehow everyone forgets about the fact that United utterly destroyed them last season and Liverpool the season before. They are lucky that they have been drawn against probably the worst side still left in the draw to be honest...
compared to last season the first team lu of inter has 5-6 new players, so I wouldn't rly compare their results to last year.

As a team they probably have the best defense & one of the stronger attacking departments of the teams left. That combined with Mourinho could be enough to see em reach the final. Thought there's no denying it will be hard against Barcelona if they meet in the semi's, still hope arsenal will do it.
Inter are no longer the team that has just 1 threat in Ibrahimovic they now have goal potential from Etoo, Pandev, Milito and good support from Snejider.
They are not the team of last year, they are still overrated would lose to United or Barca but I think they'd beat anyone else
nice statistics,but fact they played Ukraine's, Danish, Russian and Scottish champions doesnt mean shit to me, since neither of these leagues have top teams.
The last time Celtic or Rangers were an important factor in Europe is a long time ago.

Fun they played Wolfsburg this season, the "current" german champion, but Wolfsburg is terribad this season, since they're ranked 8th in Germany atm.
Shittest draw ever, What is with Man Utd getting this sort of run to the finals.

I live in hope that Arsenal can get past Barca with some surprising maturity when playing them.

I do believe Barca and Man Utd were put at opposite ends AGAIN!
Read my comment above.
QuoteThe only reason it is an easy draw is because United have solidified their position as one of Europe's best teams; they are probably a worse team to draw than Barcelona in some ways. Nevertheless, Manchester United's opponents over the last four seasons:

I don't quite agree with this, I believe Barca has done more in recent years to have themselves placed above Man Utd in the seedings, therefor based on your theory Barcelona should have the easy run, yet you should understand that there is no seeding at this stage so your arguement is invalid there.

And any team would rather have United than Barcelona, SEE 2009 Champions League Final - United torn apart because there one man team was torn apart by a great team "would have been different with Darren Fletcher" LOEL!

And as for the rest of your facts and statistics, do you not think bringing up their past is a bit sad? Look at Milan now, just because they won things in the past and were amazing it doesn't mean they would put up the same fight now. Did you bring up Leeds Utd history when they destroyed Man Utd?

It's great that you played Turkish Champions etc recently, but you cannot hold that league in the same regarding as you would others, or the same skill level, so really your statistics become open to questioning because they are not a fair testing environment.

It's quite surprising/coincidental that they get these sorts of draw/added time/penalties - Manager gets away with everything - don't you agree? ;)
don't think it is possible and there is nothing wrong with that, it's called seeding and it is fair.

+ manu had to play Milan, and Munich are not bad either, if manu got lyon/bourdeux than it would be luck.
there is no seeding in this draw :P
You cannot honestly tell me that Milan were ever going to be a serious challenge? They are an ageing superpower: SEE JUVENTUS
the average age of manu was higher then the one of the milan team tbh
It was on the night yes, but by what, a year? That is thanks to him playing Scholes, Neville and Van Der Sar. He usually plays Rafael anyway to be honest.

But really, if you look at exactly what I said, I said an ageing superpower, Man Utd are not an ageing superpower, they are just a one man team, as they are every season.
if bayern is able to beat manu, they have a chance to get to the finals

would say 40/60 chance
tbh I can't see em beating man U, their only strong point this season has been robben. If he's injured or not playing at his best, it should be a bashing.
The problem at bayern münchen is, that they sometimes play like a cl winner and sometimes like a 5th league team...

They have the potential to beat manu, but i wouldnt bet my money on them

will be a tight match tho
On paper they have an awesome team,

Ribery and Robben crossing for Klose and Gomez, just doesnt seem to work in reality though
gomez injured and klose didnt play for some month

im not worried about the offensive section of bayern.....the defence really suck :(
tbh I can't see em beating Bayern, their only strong point this season has been rooney. If he's injured or not playing at his best, it should be a bashing.
Lyon vs Bordeaux

pff so expected, they want a french in the 4 :D
It has never happened since 2004 :/
Bayern vs Manchester 1:0 / 1:1
Arsenal vs Barcelona 1:1 / 0:2
Lyon vs Bordeaux 1:0 / 1:1
Inter vs Moscow 2:1 / 0:1 plzzzz
so you say bayern and moscow will go sru ?:D
manU isnt that strong anymore and the season just started for moscow, so yes i think its possible for both.
lyon 100-0
bayern arsenal lyon inter
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