lionel messi

omg messi omg

E: Thanks to reaz

"You can't describe his performance with words"

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u cant describe his performance with words.
who the fuck is ronaldo? seriously messi is a level over ronaldo
"a level"??

i think it is more than one level!!
seriously what the fuck
el gigante
u cant describe his performance with words.
omg messi omg
but you have to say arsenal defence is giving away presents tonight
Silvestre is indeed horrible.
true story
rolled by skilled
fucking pwni
messi in football is like me in enemy territory... just unstoppable
messi carries shit barca! =[[[[[
omg maus omg
pedro is good aswell :-) altho Messi steals the show
messi sux im better
Soccer : Messi
ET : mAus
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