Another stv journal


Anyone has ETTV or demos of his POV in the match Include vs Atrocious? This is the match where stv did his supply 5man kill upstairs and it's also in this clip.

The same guy also stars in STMOVIE3

If you don't any demo of his POV (expect JP vs ES since I've already seen it) would be nice.

image: japan
stranglethorn valley?
right, how could i forget that :(

i guess not playing for a long time makes you forget things
I believe I still have some demos from the time I followed the Japanese scene, I'll check if Stv is in them when I get home.

But I'm pretty sure I have a demo from Include vs Atrocious, don't know if it's his PoV though.
Fanboy as I was I only have demos from pont's point of view. I don't even have Atrocious vs include, bah!
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