EASY MODE praccing for EC


image: 1111195-devourer_large

Reposted because perfo wanted 1st.
Baggiez best HoN player on Crossfire 2009-10.
HoN is such a bad player game. Trus' meh, I pay da_billz ( K/D ratio Ma$teR_ )
nice repick ;o
same happened to me once new swap sucks!
Who's that faggot saying he wants to play Chipper?
what is HoN
needs some explanation for people who have no clue what should be funny in that clip.

like myself.
dont see the funniez :(
That was like almost funny. But more like stupid.
explain it..
They all have the choice of 3 heroes in the game mode they're playing. After you choose the hero you can swap it with a teammate or repick on of the other 2 heroes.
So someone wants the Devourer from Orange, but the Orange guy picks Dev and presses the repick button and then picks Devourer again. After you repick you can't swap the heroes, so he basicly fucked by pressing the wrong button and not being able to swap the hero now.

It's either that or I completely missed the point, because I can't see the funnies in this.
wow, he missed the button. funnieh :|
Lets make vid of every missclick. Still devourer is involved so its all good.
the new interface is like 200 times worse than the old one :u
HoN is cool but this clip is just damn nerdy
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