Posting prac results :S

Whats with all this, lets post our prac results where we had such damage and beat this team and that, and omg we beat impact and held tank for so long etc, pracs mean nothing, people used to remember that.

GL to the guys in VaE especially twidi, shame your going out flaming Impact instead of just bowing out gracefully :(

EDIT random pic
image: kate_beckinsale_photoshoot-2047
tru dat dawg
been like this since day 1 paul evo sexton :]
i got screenshots of when me and u played together, they are stuck on my wall <3
how come theyre stuck ?
well i produce my own sticky material :-)
tell me more
I agree 100%. Lately even some team-newsposts has contained screenshots of pracs showing set times and such. :D
What is wrong with them thinking you are not that good and expressing that opinion?

And really, you should just ignore those prac results journals, you're just feeding the trolls.
true, impact are a good team R0SS is doing great. ignore all the hatred, do your thing, haters should be your motivation!
stop copying my flag biatch :<
this flag looks good, hurry up with ovie's movie! i have some big plans!
no time for movies atm, exams are my priority atm :(
what exams you got?
got all my gcse's comin up :/
kate beckinsale is hottie
true, but its more embarrassing that u write in a new journal about this kiddo stuff tbFh
Kapaa from Vicious and Evil

The groups are out. How do you think your team will perform in the group stage?
So far we are not doing very well but I am confident that we will reach to playoffs.
evo you care bear
Who fucking cares? Seriously.

E-drama + ET always erupts over the most stupid of things, stop making the situation seem more shocking and daring than it actually is. If a team doesn't work, it folds. Fair enough, nobody should be telling them they shouldn't be leaving in such a way, defeat is grim and annoying, you of all people should know that.
you need more healers to keep the tank alive and some dps to beat the enrage timer!

Im quite confident animelinuxnerd-club wont get any points for spamming that shit in this very sad journal :||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||<
Ruining everything as usual.
Not ruining Shuki's stuff!! D:::D:D:
Don't get it :o
Me neither with the 'as usual' stuff so you made me post complete nonsense :(
Germany RoXoR + virtu pwns!
Nothing againts you, but I think it's not the first time when you feel offended and try to react on it in a strange way ?! Atleast this isn't, as far as I remember.
Agree on the pracc, but yeah that is that...
i guess i just hope for better sportsmanship in the game instead of some of these trolls :)
Get used to the behaviour of the community if you didn't do that yet. Especially from "those" guys. That was a pracc like you said before, so there is no reason to react on such a post.
well it just annoys me that these days this shit happens, i'm pretty sure it was laughed at if you posted prac results in the past since by definition its a prac, a time to improve, now people assume a team are bad because they can beat them in a prac and even go as far as to mock them with prac result screen shots... ah well fuck it time for sleep.
good night :)
well,it's kamz isnt it?once a retard, always a retard. same goes for cheating part. cant even get why people play with him.

although i'd agree with twidi, your team is nowhere near top at the moment. get gifty back first and some things could work out,this is just pointless.
fullhold them on tank in next pracc and then post it
2 problems with that, 1 we never got full held on tank and 2 we played the same map again straight after and pretty much full held them and beat the time already.
random pic saved the journal.
just for you
image: kate-beckinsale
Troll is happy now <3
dont lose then you wont be embarrassed when hype wins :D
Pracc results are irrelevant, only offi's matter
I totally agree. I always found it pathetic.
This doesn't matter even a tiny bit when you crush them in an offi, but mokay continue the trolling.
community sucks that's all :(
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