gta sa Server?

Hello fellow GTA owners

since brad just got banned on San Andreas Roleplay server for 1 week, we are looking for a nice new and quiet busy server to play on

we dont wanna play on that crappy german server, we want it in ENGLISH

Can you help us?

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ppl still playing that shit? pls
1.) search hooker
2.) fuck the hooker
3.) pay her
4.) kill her
5.) repeat
LinkMania Satu Mare The Godfather - -thats where i roll

Theres some simple questions at start, tho.
Players 136/250 atm. :P

Pantaloni family taking it over:)] hnk,woops,h3ll,hnk,mavi,me
you actually have to rent EVERY car?
nope, you can steal also. /hotwire :P but watch out for the gangs nearby!
hmm seems cool, but mlo got kicked for metagaming :(
San Andread roleplay is awesome =))

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yeah it is, but got banned for DDB :( Hope it's only 1 week
and its even virtual..
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