ET download - where to find the good stuff

Hi guys,

I want to download ET once again after several years. Now is my question to you: what do I need to get it running properly? Are there any downloadpacks out there which are up to date? If not, what's the best website to get everything from?

ETUI, check the tutorial section >_>
Go to and get swines ET installer, you just have to unzip it and you have the game installed with all patches =)
Thanks for the replies so far. Another question: does anyone here have a good .cfg for me? Preferably with bad graphics (for good fps) and a weapon & spawnscript.
ET Ultimate Installer has cfg with bad graphics ( screenshots - )
What to do if pb keeps kicking out of a public server?

Got something like "pbstra" as comment.
Run pbsvc.exe and pbsetup.exe (you can get both on punkbuster website).
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