Lifted Music Podcast (dnb)

New one is out guise!


01. Davip & Encode - High Technology
02. The Upbeats & Dose - Raiders
04. Dom & Klute - Buy More Now
05. Spor & Noisia - Falling Through
06. Falinox - Smirk
07. Noisia - Machine Gun (Spor Remix)
08. Phace - Vintage
09. Adam F - Circles
10. Shapeshifter - Twin Galaxies (The Upbeats Remix)
11. Spor - Kingdom
12. BSE & D Kay - Bullet In The Head (Gridlok Remix)
13. Nero - Innocence
14. Apex - Nowhere To Run (Datsik & Excision Remix)

so unbelievably big!
i think that my new profilepic pwns hard.
awesome stufff!
seems cool,
but is it possible to download it as diffrent tracks,
It's just one song of 46 minutes atm :x
Nope, because some of these songs are dubs (tracks that aren't released yet or will never be released) and downloading music is illegal too!

you can download them seperately on torrents tho, or jsut buy em
Yes, been there for a while! local there

nickname on there is stijnx aswell, also TerrA from here is a local there aswell!
Phace - Vintage in this podcast is the best tune Ive heard in ages

what... ive just now also heard the Nero - Innocence.. what the fucking hell man that is just fucking amazing, and i'm a genuine dubstep hater but this Is just fucking quality
Im rly a genuine dubstep hater, I really find it fucking boring and feel that by listening to it, im loosing braincells! But just.. this song.. probably the 3rd dubstep song I like together with the Skream remix of La Roux In for the Kill and Apex - Nowhere to Run (Excision+DatsiK remix)
very true, i feel the same
Oo was gehtn mit dir
Yahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \o/
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