walle, we miss you, we NEED you

walle, we miss u so much, our long talks, laughter and jokes, everything we lived through together was the best, these 4 weeks have been very hard on us and thats because we're missing YOU. It hurts us, when u ignore us :s

Heres a little poem, straight from our hearts

• Walle - by mant and raul
• Walle, roses are red, violets are blue
• Chuck Norris is a god and so are you.
• With you we felt like we were good,
• now I just have some occasional wood.
• Your aim was like a rabbits ear,
• your brain like an ice cold beer.
• You taught us everything you knew,
• from tactics to building a canoe.
• You liked to fish from the sea and hunt in the woods,
• your golf swing was better than Tiger Woods.
• Your absence has damaged us all and I wish
• you return with my mom

and also a picture to express our feelings

image: Untitled

Hope to hear from you soon :///
lol amazing

woods and Woods doesn't really rhyme though :(
0.1 second .. -.-
true story :/
*gay love*
Sweet! :)))
u know where to find us wallem8 :\
he lost motiavation to play because slarto quit ET.
somehow I think slajdan ain't performing like he should:(

56 revives + 192 medic xp last offi
Sweden walle ?
That is how all the apologies should be like.
Kiss them Walle!
image: affiche-film-wall-e-01

found him!
jeh chmpp go back plz :(
:D:D::D:D:DDDDDD mant<3
This is so sweet. I gonna cry :'( chmpp go back please!
Amazing 10/10 :']
Spelled wrong and too long to read, this ain't no circusshit
what is this? :d
this is love
baby dont hurt me
dont hurt me
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