Back with new internet and headset ;D

Just got the internet in my new house ;D but sadly I've only got 5Mbit cable now instead of my old 8Mbit-22Mbit ADSL2+ that I used to have buttttttt to make up for it when I finally got online again and checked my email I saw this;


You are among the happy winners of a PC 145 in the fourth round of our Christmas competition!

Can you please send me your full address (+ phone no.), so that we can send the prize to you?

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.

Anke Cebulla

Sennheiser Communications A/S
6 Langager
DK-2680 Solrød Strand

\o/ so now I can expect a free pc145 off sennheiser which is actually quite lucky as my plantronic DSP500's have a dodgy left earpiece which half the time I can't hera anytthing out of



to everbody :D
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