Hard gaming night

Good evening my CF friends!
I'm sorry I couldn't make a journal earlier because I've been practicing hard during 3hours. Indeed, we (#follow.et) aim next EuroCup that's why we need to play very hard every eves.

Anyway, we were playing and I was fucking pissed off because one of my e-friends GermanyNoezify was on drugs and pretty high. He was seeing black people everywhere and dodged one of our serious prac' to upload those following astonishing ETpics :

image: o6e4k0
image: rqvejt
image: 23sxldu

rafek that made him famous]<rafek> I listen to music by microwaves

FranceSIMOONimage: simoon

***On a side note, my (gay) friend FranceBenjii needs a bouncer pm me please if you got one.***

Weekend is soon here I hope you guys will have fun and get lots of girls like my friend Chilecasek who fucks bitches every single night. I wish the same to our friend FinlandViperish who's turning 18!!!!!!!!!! hyvää syntymäpäivää kaveri!!!!!111

Shoutout to my nerdy friends who gamed with me : PortugalBasty FinlandWoony Finlandpannari and GermanyNazify and all my buddylist!

Unfortunately, this journal comes to its end and MarseilleLeFrancis knows your le disappoint. That's why I wish you good night and sweet dreams. Otherwise bonjour :image: dakoda-brooksD (click on da moustache)

Sincerely yours,

MarseilleLeFrancis - Colonel moustache and best truck driver also known as Usain Bolt.
Late night journal LOL!:D
1st in MarseilleLeFrancis' journal
Seal of awesomeness
you're also awesome freund
Danke du auch! =D
nice ! i didnt get to game hard today cause i had class :P so tonight i plan gaming hard.
nice plans friend
no shoutout to me le knas? im disapointed man
Why did you change your nickname?
+ If you're still in my buddylist = insta shoutout
Felt like its time for that, but i probably will change back like last time :D was supposed to be Invicti, but i fuckt up
haha true man!
huh, what? w/e
Thanks , will add as achievement
finished playing @ 2 am.

edit : no , will play another cod4
edit²: noobs rolled. going to sleep now.
I should be more active on follow.et, i miss some nerd games
I almost took your 1st spot @trivia :{DDDDDDD you should definitely be moar active for hard gaming nightz!
once again thx for the award and gn8
wtf black finnish guy?
i like it, where is the thumbs up?
still missing on cf :{SS
Yes, gaming nights rule.
High+ mettage de table np4me
pmme ton clanbase ID
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin kopiooooooooooooo
Thanks francis, you're a true friend. :)
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