ger vs uk (.de shoutcast)

well since i saw owzo gona shoutcast this game too
i decide to cast it in german

cheers eujen

Edit:here are the shoutcasts from the games befor
great shoutcast wth bel vs fin mate rly :)
true, we could use a good german shoutcaster. dont know you but gonna check it out. gl
By: eujeN Listen to eujeN
Language: English
cheers eujen
Why does howzo have 1000 slots and you only 200????
doesnt realy mater oxid can put it till 500
but dont need
it is ok how it is now
because owoz casts in understandable english
owzo is a 5 times more powerful pokemon than eujen
Owzo casts STEAMIN'[/i]
nooooo! I cannot into listen eujen!!!
love ur shoutcasting :(
[ger]Heil dir Germania :D[/ger]
don't see the 3v3 NL vs EE shoutcast (
good shoutcaster anyways :)
first shoutcast Germany vs Netherland, done by eujen, i'll just say a few things he said:
Omg silent goes and he kilzz ohhh and anotherone OOOOOOOOHHH and the 3rd one from silent , he so good im his fanboy and want to blow him, allalalalala.
Crappy english and suckup when it comes to german matches, gg bb
its not like owzo cheers for uk...
only cause we had some issues in the 1940th, we cant be national anymore?

But hes still a good caster, cause he casts...
its nice that there are better casters, but they just dont cast.

gg bb

PS: Thanks to Owzo, he reinforce my argument by just not showing up. (no flame at all)
ofcourse he cheers for the uk, but when he shoutcasts you can still hear the neutral side in his commenting, he even says that in his shoutcasts, listen the replay of uk vs germany and youll hear
Impose your style.
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