Cowon J3 + video converting

few weeks ago, I lost (well, it got stolen probably, but result is the same) my beloved mp3 player Cowon iAudio 7 so I started doing some research what should be my next portable audio solution. After reading a lot of reviews and comparisons, it seems that Cowon is still procuducing gadgets with best sound quality on market.
My choice is Cowon J3 (4gb version probably, it has microSD support so space wont be a problem), gonna order it someday next week. Till it will be delivered to me I am curious if somebody here has some experience with this player (or S9 version), I am in need of either some good (and free) video converter which can convert movies/series into 480x280 resolution with nice quality/size ratio or at least megui settings (xvid preset) which will produce movie playable on this player.

P.S.: Fortunatelly, my headphones (Audio-Technica ATH-EW9) were in my other pocket, so at least I didnt lost these beauties ;)
so you spent few weeks on researching what's the best player and stuff and in the end you end up with asking on xfire
I am not asking crossfire what best portable multimedia player is the best, I am decided to get J3 and nobody here can convince me otherwise.
I am asking for free video convertor (megui settings would be better tbh) which has nothing to do with player itself, I want to prepare some stuff to be transfered on it right when I get it, I am not sure how long it will take them to ship it and converting few series will take few days at least, and I want to have it fully ready for boring time in hospital...
50e for a 8gb player and 15e for cheap earplugs, np.

Although I used it about once and then just forgot about it. Was a silly purchase seeing that I practically never listen to music.
mp3 players were cool when i was 13
walkmans were cool when i was 13
I'll be getting a sansa fuze soon and rockbox it, everything you need. If you want more portable then get the clip/+

Bestest :))
well, replacing official firmware looks kinda risky to me, one bad step and u can send it to manufacturer for repair
There is no bad step, it's straight forward and will improve the player tenfold :Pp
I'm using Cowon S9 for more than 2 years, best gadget I've ever had. Sound quality is amazing, and screen is way ahead of every other display I've seen. It shits on likes of iPod/iPhone and other non-amoled screens, only minus in bright daylight it's not that good.

I often watch TV shows and movies on it, you DON'T need to recode anything if you download DVDRip's and non-HD resolution TV shows, it plays them perfectly smooth.

Battery life is also amazing, I can't remember last time it run out, and I charge it only when I upload files on it.

You also can't scratch it's screen, don't bother with protectors etc.

Build is very solid, doesn't feel cheap. You can completely customize UI, play flash on it, and Cowon kept updating it's firmware for long time after release.

I can only assume J3 is updated version of S9, so I highly recommend it.
well, bright light is never good for screens, its kinda common thing i guess.
About reencoding, I know I dont need to reencode hdtv series or dvdrips, but I dont need to have 500+ pixels wide movies on 480x272 screen, I want to save as much space as I can, atm I am able to reduce size from regular hdtv episode (~170mb) to around 100 by using megui, but I am not sure how it will look like on J3s screen (or even if it will be playable there, not every xvid settings need to be compatible).
btw, do u know some page/forum where I can find nice apps for s9/j3? I found some but there was nothing special, maybe I will try to do somthing on my own (but Flash 7 is not rly my cup of tea).
so if it was a game it would be as good as brink ?
brink with promod, definitely

hey buddy >p
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