tshirt folding

Why the fuck can't I do this? Mad as hell.

Edit :

Finally got it after reading this : http://www.wikihow.com/Fold-a-T-Shirt-in-Two-Seconds

Edit2 : I'm only doing this cause im packing not doin it for my normal clothes
I cant even properly fold a shirt in 5 minutes, that shit is fucking black magic
haha,welcome to my world
Definitely never would have tried this by myself, I also fucking hate folding clothes so that might explain it >_> Probably try it next time I have to, if I remember
easier to do just normal way :P
Because you've never been to the army, you faggy twat.
yea sorry my country isnt cool like yours and doesn't conscript people to join their faggy army
Chinese technic iirc
lol it's easy to do :D
no tshirts needed in holidays, lolz.
haha ye i saw the commercial didnt try so far.
why would you fold clothes?
Always have problems to fold shirts so I tried this and it actually works :)
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