walle, we miss you, we need you

To Walle

Walle, it has almost been a year since we(mant&raul) met you over the internet. You were our clanmate and our war companion
for 1 season and then you left us, heartbroken. We have given you time to think and explore the world outside #Squad.ee,
but the time has come for us to call you back for duty. Summer is soon over and a new season starts and once again we are
in need of the perfect Field-Op to play with us. Instantly our(mant&raul) minds thought alike and we thought of you.
I know you said that you are too old for owning, but don't worry, we don't judge you, we like you for who you are.
We miss our long talks on teamspeak and our friendly weather chatter in IRC.
Walle, we miss you. We need you. Come back to us - our friend, our mentor.

With love,
mant and Raul.

image: walle

link to previous journal: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=journal&mode=item&id=116946
I see ur paint skills have improved :D
owwww :>
fantastic :D
awwww :3
why did he leave you ;o
Fop? ur on
WhAT ABOUT ME MANT?!?!?! PROBLEM?!?!? AH!??!?!
India wWallie?
walle indeed is the best mentor ever :) I hope he will teach you aswell. <3 walleeeee
image: heartwarming

so sweeeeet :')<3
Yea Wall-E, we miss you :<
this is the cutest thing ive ever seen on CF

how cute :x
gay nerds
love the pic ;D
idd, bring back Sweden walle :(
I was touched :')
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