Battlefield 3 EA origin update bug

Hey wassup? I am having problems with Battlefield 3 because I need a 4GB update. It is too big for me to download... Yes, I know, use the pause feature of Origin. However, I think this pause shit is bugged.

Yesterday, I downloaded the update and reached until 65 percent with still roughly 6 hours to go so I had no choice but to pause it and resume it the next day. When I resumed the download the following day, the download percentage went back to 10 percent. I have actually done this over and over again but it just won't fix.

So yeah, I wanna ask how I can fix this thing and I also want to ask if it is possible to play battlefield 3 even without the update. TY

*I have searched for this in google and I can't find anything but feel free to search if you wish.

image: 9t0cw9
just let it download 6 hours ?
you don't get it...
What update :x?
won't let me play without the update
Battlefield 3 [English][PCDVD][Patch 2][OUTLAWS]

...only 2GB compressed?
im updating via origin
6 hours for 4 gb

you ain't getting this...
well explain in better then if ur having a prob downloading 4 gbs lol

i paused and didnt have any probs whatsoever
idk I guess you just need to improve your english

good for u
he actually says: 65% done and still 6 hours to go xDDD
it will take him about 17hours to download 4gb :D
about 65kb/s ?
oh :D didnt read then 2nd half of the journal

lol i mad
thanks man i thought i had wrost adsl in the world
good for u
you can fix it while bying some decent dsl instead of the 56k modem or simply let it download while you are sleeping? don't get the problem.
What makes you assume that I have a 56K modem?

Unfortunately, speed isn't the solution here in the Philippines. Net capping is widely practiced and even if your internet is supposedly faster, it would all just depend on your area's signal (No it doesn't help that you live at the city). The signals are very...specific. The signal may vary in every few kilometers. So the thing is, one should test and find the best possible ISP in one's area.

I could try letting it download while I'm sleeping but I'm not too sure if my parents would allow that.
it's the update for back to karkland 3new maps and stuff :)
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