FOV question

If you switch from a 19inch screen @ 1024x768 to a 22 inch screen @ 1440x900 or 1600x900, is my fov lower or higher?
It's the same.
you sure? looks and feels completly different

EDIT: think i've read somewhere on this site you need to change your fov to somewhat get the same
fov aka field of view is the same. However, with a bigger screen, you see things bigger. So for example, if you use cg_fov 90 for a small screen, you can use cg_fov 105 for a bigger screen, and you see everything at the same size.
Basically: fov = amount of space you see (from side to side); screen = how big you see things.
not at all LOl... it's different aspect ratio. ET engine doesn't scale the models so you need to fix it with a fov trick (higher fov.. needs to be previously calculated... check Koshito link )
Quote1440x900 or 1600x900

first off, use native (generally highest) available resolution.

and fov will feel different, you have gone from 4:3 to 16:10/16:9 - no matter what fov you use it will feel different. So just go with the same values you have on the toggles and get use to it. :)
thing is, native is 1980x1080 or something, but it only goes up to 60 hz, so next one is 1440x900 or 1600x900, both can take 75hz

It feels really weird and hard to aim, trying fov 100 instead of 90 atm, but still :D
Perhaps raise sens?
19" 1024x768 90fov
22" 1024x768 100 fov

19" 1280x1024 120fov
22" 1680x1050 120fov

don't get where I can see my new fov?
k, just add 10.
Thanks, just noticed it can calculate it for multiple screens and had to replace 3 with 1.
Now I got 100 indeed, was getting 150 before :)
I always thought that when you went from 4:3 -> 16:9/10 you just added 10 to your fov. Why don't you just set the monitor up to change to 4:3 when you open up ET (or load any game) I like it at least! No need for fucking around with your fov values then!

Or you could just get used to them feeling different like Merl said!
Dno if I can do that :D
Besides if I try something like that I get massive black bars, looks pretty weird
use crt and be pro in et rest is shit D:
just pick something wat feel confortable, u can use watever you want, you wont get the same feeling i guess :)
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