Joseph Kony

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Jesus, Kony everywhere. Want to nerd it up on TL -> Kony thread, fap to some GW on reddit -> Kony thread. Stop that shit, you're not going to do anything about him anyway, so stop pretending.
you are such a good person now
In other more important news, check out this local artist
YEAAAA, congratz! You finally found out that Africa is in bloody conflict! Now the world will be better place because now we all know what's going on and we can do something with it like... like... like sign a petition or whatever! Fuck yea! We are so helping poor people in Africa!
Just hire Liam Neeson to find him and kill him, job done!
He doesn't know who Kony is, but if he doesn't let those children go, e will find him, he will kill him.
great movie
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